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When is Rhinoplasty Medically Necessary?


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Murat Ayata, MD

When is Rhinoplasty Medically Necessary?

We know very well that rhinoplasty can give individuals a more aesthetically pleasing and attractive nose.

In addition to all that, did you know that rhinoplasty can improve your breathing, relieve chronic congestion, and resolve medical conditions like sleep apnea?

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Murat Ayata MD explained these medical conditions to Newlyme :
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“Most rhinoplasty surgeries are for people who are happy with the way their noses look and, in addition, sometimes have medical reasons to have rhinoplasty.

I would like to tell you when the operation may be medically necessary."

What Does a Rhinoplasty Resolve?

what does a rhinoplasty resolveRhinoplasty is a general term for a personalized surgery that actually makes some kind of change to your nose.

Some surgeries improve the appearance of your nose, some improve the functioning of your nose, and others are for both aesthetic and medical needs.

As a result, we conduct a detailed consultation to understand what aesthetic or functionality improvements we need to make.

Changes can be made to your nostrils, the position and symmetry of your nose, the shape or size of your nose, or your nose to improve the functioning or appearance of your nose.

Depending on the goals desired by the patient, we can make minimal changes in the appearance of the nose while making the necessary medical improvements, or we may not touch it at all.

We can even improve the appearance of your nose while making functional changes.

Reasons For Needing Rhinoplasty For Health

The most common reasons for medically necessary rhinoplasty are:

A Deviated Septum Problem

deviated septum problemA deviated septum is a condition where the nasal septum is not in place. The septum is the part of your nose that separates your nostrils.

Septum that is straight and evenly dividing their nostrils , but sometimes the septum may be crooked or divide the nostrils unevenly. This deviation can block airflow to the nose and make breathing difficult.

Have a deviated septum , with rhinoplasty we can fix it so that it is placed evenly and straight, making it easier to breathe.

Difficulty in Breathing

difficult breatProblems in the structure of your nose can cause or worsen many different breathing problems.

If you often have to breathe through your mouth, or if you have a condition that disrupts your breathing, such as sleep apnea, it may be due to a structural problem.

Traumas Experienced

treaumas experiencedNasal trauma from blows or burns can also cause problems with your nose, causing bleeding or discomfort.

When you experience a trauma that injures or disfigures your nose, we can intervene and restore your nose to its previous appearance so that it can regain its previous function.

Birth Defects

birth defectsSome birth defects can make it harder for your nose to work the way it should. Cleft lip is the best example of this. Nasal birth defects can also be resolved with rhinoplasty.

Written on 23/02/2022


Last Update: 27/06/2022

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