What Percentage Of Transplanted Hairs Survive?

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Gold City Hair Transplant

What Percentage Of Transplanted Hairs Survive?

Gold City Hair Hair Transplantation Center answers one of the most frequently asked questions. What is the success rate of hair transplant?

“Hair loss is unfortunately a problem that almost everyone suffers from, regardless of male or female. It can occur for different reasons and genetic factors are at the top of the list.

Apart from genetic factors, an underlying disease, stress, wrong cosmetic products etc. For reasons, people may lose their hair. When a person has a problem with their hair, there are different options for solving the problem.
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These options are usually temporary solutions and often fail to make your hair regrow. Some can stop hair loss for a while and promote hair growth, but the only permanent solution to hair loss is hair transplantation.

We offer the highest satisfaction rates to our patients, as we work with experienced teams in hair transplantation procedures at Gold City Hair Hair Transplantation Center.

Here is a short story of the hair transplant process in Turkey and details about the success rate of our hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Process in Turkey

hair transplant in turkeyToday's technology allows us to do hair transplantation quickly and easily. Due to the high satisfaction rates in Turkey, patients, regardless of foreign or Turkish patients, find it comfortable and safe in hair transplant procedures.

More and more people are deciding to have a hair transplant every day because the idea of ​​getting their hair back is appealing to anyone who has lost their hair.

Hair transplantation process consists of different stages. First of all, the patient must have enough hair follicles for the transplantation process.
After our doctors decide that the patient is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation, the process begins.

First Day

first day after hari transplant

  • We collect blood from patients to see if they are suitable candidates for hair transplantation.

  • If everything is OK in the blood tests, the process begins.

  • Our doctors determine the donor area where the grafts will be collected. The donor site is usually at the back of the head.

  • Our doctors decide where the hairline will start after the donor area.

  • During the hair transplant procedure, patients are under local anesthesia.

  • Our doctors collect the grafts from the donor area and place the roots in the carefully marked area.

  • After hair transplantation, our patients wear bandages on their heads. 

1-10th Day

1-10th days

  • It is normal to feel pain and tenderness in the head.

  • It is very important to sleep in a good position after hair transplantation because newly transplanted hair follicles are very sensitive. We recommend our patients to sleep half standing in order to protect the new hair follicles.

  • It is normal for it to be itchy for a few days and our patients should not itch these days.

  • We do not recommend heavy exercises, going out in the sun, swimming and dyeing hair for a while.

  • On the third day after hair transplantation, we gently wash our patients' hair.

10-14th Day

10-14th days

  • When the wounds on the head heal, the crusts fall and the patients can move much more easily.

30-60th Day

30-60th days

  • Newly planted hair follicles fall out and begin to grow immediately.

  • They grow permanently when they grow up.

  • Hair transplantation takes between six months and one year. Each patient has different timelines to see the final results.

What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplantation?

success rate of hari transplantThe success rate of hair transplantation depends on different factors. The most important factor determining the success rate of hair transplantation is the structure of hair loss.

  • If the level of hair loss is very high and the donor area is very weak, patients should expect reasonable rates.

  • If all is well with the patient and the hair transplant procedure and the recovery goes well, the success rate and retention rate of the hair transplant can be 90% or more.

Written on 06/06/2022


Last Update: 06/06/2022

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