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What Depends on the Result in Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplant

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Gold City Hair Transplant

What Depends on the Result in Hair Transplantation?

Most men with hair loss, baldness and thinning can benefit from hair transplantation medically and get the exact result they desire. So what is the exact result in hair transplantation and what does it depend on?

Gold City Hair Transplantation Center made a statement to Newlyme:
Gold City Hair Transplant
“Hair transplant full result statement is a situation related to many issues. In addition, we should also note that not only men, but also women who experience baldness in areas similar to "male pattern baldness" in the classical sense can achieve a healthy hair appearance by having hair transplantation.

However, some people can get better hair transplant results than others, they are better candidates and will achieve better hair transplant results.

For example, two male hair transplant patients may get different results despite having the same amount of hair transplant. So how does this happen?

The Reason for Different Results in Different Patients

mans hair transplantThe reason for different results in different patients is due to the type of hair strand.

For example, if the hair of patient a who underwent hair transplantation is curly and thick, it will appear as if the hair has been tightened and the hair transplant has been done more frequently, since it will cover the scalp more and the skin will not be visible.

However, since the same hair transplant was performed and the same number of grafts were used, the B hair transplant patient will have thin and straight hair, so the scalp will be visible and the air will be sparsely transplanted.

In this state, he will express that he did not get full results from hair transplantation.

In order to prevent different results from different patients, in other words, in order to get full results, the type of hair strands must be checked.

For example, if X graft is applied to a thin-haired hair transplant patient in a single hair transplant session and there is sparseness, this number should be increased if the patient's donor area is available and additional sessions if necessary.

Surgical Hair Transplantation is Largely a Matter of "Supply and Demand"

hair transplantIf the donor area is insufficient for this, it will be helpful to learn about realistic hair transplant surgery and how the result will be.

It is important that a patient who has these realistic expectations and whose donor area meets the current situation or can express their expectations should find a very good hair transplant physician.

Surgical hair transplantation is largely a matter of "supply and demand".

If You Do Not Have Enough Donor Space

donor spaceIt is possible to achieve the hair you dream of with hair transplant surgery. You can achieve effective results, but the results are determined by various variables that we have just mentioned.

But the critical variable depends on whether you can actually meet the "supply and demand" question. Here supply is the donor area and demand is your wishes.

In short, if you do not have enough donor area, you cannot get the image you want, no matter how much you want. In this sense, it is extremely important to have realistic expectations.

Graft Calculation Simulation

graftThe donor area hair supply is located on the back and sides of your head and depends on how durable donor hair you have.

Whether you want a very frequent hair transplant and request that my skin be completely covered, the donor area will be decisive, even if fullness is your primary demand.

The hair transplant surgeon usually goes for a computerized analysis to estimate the number of grafts. This is called Graft Calculation simulation.

This device detects your bald area size and calculates how many healthy hair follicles in millimeter diameter there are in the donor area.

As a result, it is analyzed how many healthy hair follicles can be taken from the donor area and how it can cover the bald area. After this determination, the hair transplant doctor plans a medical consultation to evaluate the options.

Experience Matters

hair transplant experiemceYou will get a professional evaluation and medical hair transplant plan by meeting with an experienced hair transplant center, and the price of the hair transplant will be calculated as well.

Only an experienced hair transplant doctor can determine your current level of baldness and the amount of hair that may be shed in the future. For this, he asks you some questions.

Asks how long your hair has been shed, your current age, and whether there is a hair baldness problem in your family history.

All these determine how much hair strands will be used as a donor. If your hair loss seems to continue, you need to leave some donor for your next hair transplant, but a professional hair transplant specialist will do it. “

Written on 26/08/2022


Last Update: 26/08/2022

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