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What Are Liposuction (Fat Removal) Areas and Methods?


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Adem & Havva Klinik

What are Liposuction (Fat Removal) Areas and Methods?

Liposuction surgery is ideal for those who are at their ideal weight and cannot save themselves from regional fat deposits, although they regularly see sports as a way of life with a healthy diet rhythm.

Fat removal is done by choosing the technique that is suitable for the person with the liposuction method. From which part of the body fat will be taken, the application is named regionally with the name of that region.

  • Facial fat removal (cheek-jowl..)

  • Hip fat removal

  • Abdominal-belly fat removal

  • Arm fat removal

  • Back fat removal

  • Leg fat removal

The fat to be removed from the areas with regional excess fat is performed with the liposuction technique, the effect of which has been proven for the relevant area.

We asked Adem & Havva Clinic doctors about liposuction areas and liposuction methods:
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1. Facial Fat Removal (Cheek-Cheekbone)

facial fat removalNeck liposuctionIt is called “double chin” because it is perceived as the presence of a second chin in the chin and neck area.

This situation, which is often observed in the image of overweight people, can also occur in normal weight or thin people.

People with double chin, jowl and neck area where the neck shows an oblique appearance starting from the chin are suitable candidates for liposuction operation.

2. Back Fat Removal

back fat removalThe so-called "buffalo hump" refers to the protuberance used to describe the abnormal accumulation of fat on the upper back and neck.

It is usually the result of the body's overproduction of certain steroids after steroid therapy and/or obesity.

In order to get rid of this a-aesthetic appearance, liposuction surgery is generally preferred. The fat collected in the back area is not limited to the “Buffalo hump”.

3. Arm Fat Removal

arm fat removalOne of the most difficult areas to lose weight and compensate for deformity is the upper arm region.

Liposuction surgery is also recommended for the treatment of sagging and oily arms resembling bat wings. All liposuction methods can be used.

Your doctor will decide which is the most suitable for you.

4. Abdominal Fat Removal

abdominal fat removalThe belly area is one of the areas where both men and women complain most about the accumulation of fat and the inability to melt fat.

Belly fat removal is one of the most common areas of liposuction surgery.

Especially the classical liposuction technique gives the best results in belly fat removal surgery. Other liposuction methods can also be performed depending on the fat to be removed and the physical characteristics of the person.

5. Hip Fat Removal

hip fat removalBasen fat is the area of ​​resistant regional lubrication of the body. Hip fat removal is the ideal treatment for people who cannot get rid of their hip fat despite sports and diet.

All liposuction techniques, especially classical liposuction surgery, can be planned for hip fat removal surgery.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in an average of 1-4 hours. During the healing process, wearing a corset for at least 3 weeks is a must.

6. Leg Fat Removal

leg fat removalLeg liposuction, also known as leg liposuction, differs according to the leg area to be treated.

There are 4 areas where fat can be removed from the leg: upper leg area, knee, lower leg area and ankle. The process for each zone is different due to the zone structure.

The lower leg fat removal process is more difficult and complicated than the upper leg fat removal process. The area that extends from the knee to the ankle is defined as the lower leg.

The skin in this area is thin, the fat layer in this area is a single layer. For this reason, the method called superdry liposuction is preferred in lower leg fat removal surgery.

When it comes to liposuction from the leg, the accumulated fat layers in the ankle and knee area also come to mind.

In these areas, it is ideal to perform fat removal with the superdry liposuction method, due to reasons such as skin thinness and the formation of sensitive tissues.

Upper leg fat removal application is different from other areas of the leg. It contains forbidden zones that cannot be touched. It is an area prone to sagging and loosening.

For this reason, it would be correct to work on the upper leg with ultrasonic-vaser liposuction surgery, laser liposuction and laser lipolysis techniques instead of classical liposuction.

Written on 21/02/2019


Last Update: 04/07/2022

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