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US President Joe Biden Gets a Face Lift

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Written by Selin Sezgin.

US President Joe Biden Gets a Face Lift

Although Joe Biden has never confirmed undergoing any of the procedures and there’s no evidence that he has had any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures done, plastic surgeons agree that Joe Biden has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures to alter his appearance. 

It was Trump who started the argument by drawing attention to Biden's appearance with the words "I mean, honestly, what the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery if he is going to cover it up."

Trump was talking about the cosmetic procedures Biden had completed on his face, and that he is hiding all these behind the mask he is wearing to protect against Covid. 

As Wall Street Journal journalist Michael Bender, recalled in his last  book 'Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost' book, former US president Donald Trump had also mocked that Joe Biden had an awful facelift

Did Joe Biden Have FaceLift? 

Joe BidenThere is no regulation banning political leaders from having cosmetic surgery. So we may say that it is Joe Biden's civil liberty to go under some aesthetic procedures. As we look at the before and after photos of Joe Biden, there is no doubt that he has changed by years. 

Surgeons mention that Biden, 78, begins to look noticeably different and they all are alleged that he has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures including botox, filled in the wrinkles on his face and forehead, altered his hairline, installed dental veneers and had facelift. 
Newlyme whatsappIt is hard to say that Joe Biden has embraced the aging process and has aged naturally over the years. Dr. Barry Cohen, DC-area plastic surgeon, tolds one of his interviews that ``Without any question Joe Biden had hair transplants."  Joe Biden looks like he has filled in his frontal hairline. 

Dr Cohen also drew attention to all the other cosmetic procedures said to be performed and added "If he had a face lift, he needs another." Against Dr Cohen's opinions Dr. Lawrence M. Koplin, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, said that while Biden’s procedures aren’t perfect, they were well done.

Dr. Lawrence M. Koplin, analyzing this plastic surgeon process that Biden had been through, said that after losing his son to brain cancer in 2015, Joe Biden might have wanted to head off the aging process that is exacerbated by tragedies.

Therefore we can say that it's a normal process that Joe Biden might desire to reach back by the help of cosmetic procedures to “freshen” his appearance.  

Let's Scrutinize Further To Joe Biden's Cosmetic Face Treatments

Joe Biden's cosmetic faceDoes Biden have Botox or Fillers? As compared both before and after photos of Biden it is easy to figure out that he has regular Botox and probably filler. 

Does Biden have a Facelift? The most obvious clue that he had a facelift is there are scars along the ear cartilage (tragus) being pulled outward. 

Does Biden have a Smile Makeover? Besides all these, Biden's teeth have also attracted considerable attention. Biden's teeth size has changed by years and this can be done in 2 ways. Either Biden was fitted by BU or he has a new porcelain bridge.

Written on 16/07/2021


Last Update: 28/06/2022

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