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"Thread lift does not actually stretch the middle face, it only provides tightening."

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Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ben Talei

“A thread lift does not actually lift the midface, it only provides tightening”

Dr. Ben TaleiDr.Talei, it is my great pleasure to interview you. Here are 3 questions I have prepared for you, and thank you very much for accepting my interview offer.

You are one of the most popular foreign plastic surgeons in Turkey and Newlyme follows you with interest.

First question is about Auralyft. This is a unique procedure, and we want to learn more about this. What are the differences between traditional facelift and Auralyft?

faceliftThe Auralyft is a type of face and neck lift, but it is not like the old kind where you go in and pull skin and try to tighten it and stretch the face or try to pull the skin and then tighten the muscle there.

Those types of surgeries do not work very well or last long and they make people look fake, altered, and different.

The Auralyft is an extended, advanced form deep plane lift which means that the intent or purpose of the surgery is to release the connections or the tension of the face, reposition it back to where it used to be and put it back down removing any excess skin that there is.

But it is mainly a soft tissue release and lifting procedure. It is remarkably effective in younger patients in their 30’s and older patients up to even 85 years old in terms of getting an improvement in the cheeks, nasal labial folds, the jawline, the neck and even the upper chest improves from this surgery.

It is really an incredible procedure that is a bit safer than the classic facelift and neck lifts and gives you a bigger result that lasts longer with less scaring.

Even the endoscopic style lifts where you make incisions where you try to hide the incisions can cause deformities of the ear and bits of scaring here and there because there is too much tension.

The new secret to doing these types of surgeries is to lift without any tension, and that is what the Auralyft is.

The most popular plastic surgery treatments in our country, is thread lift. You are one of the best-known names in surgical face lift and Newlyme would like to hear your opinion about thread face lift.

face liftI am very opinionated about thread lifting because I am very experienced with it in the past 20 years. From what we have seen the thread lifts classically did not have long lasting results and would cause complications.

Currently we have absorbable threads that are more benign, and they are reported to form collagen, so people try to use them to form collagen.

Just to be clear, thread lifts are ok to use once or twice, not repeatedly in the mid face to try to get a lift in the cheek, but it does not really lift, it just tightens the areas together.

I think that is ok, but the collagen you are forming is not healthy collagen though. Its scar formation from fibrosis around the suture material. Just like using Sculptra or any irritant inside the skin.

So just be clear about that. The areas that I see fail most of the time but not a terrible place to do is in the neck, nothing wrong with that.

And the areas I would say never so because you have no realistic benefit is 100% the lip, ever because it will only harm you and in the brow. In the brow it might not harm you, but it will certainly is not going to give you any long lasting or impressive results.

It will look strange for a couple of weeks, then you might look decent for a couple of weeks and then it goes back to normal.

In general, I would be cautious how many times you do a thread lift, but there is nothing wrong with doing it once or twice around the face if you have a big event coming up or anything like that.

Also, some tips about skincare, what would be your biggest suggestion or our skin?

Dr. Ben ThaiSkin care really depends on the skin type of the person. I would advise most people to stay away from resurfacing lasers unless they have light skin with already so much damage to it that you can justify damaging the skin with the laser and then having it recover.

Remember that lasers damage the skin, that is the way that they work. You cause an internal and external damage, you peel off the skin and you create new skin, however, that can insight or worsen the cycle of pigmentation if that is your problem.

So, for most patients I advise starting with creams, Retin A, Hydroquinone, the basic older type creams that we use to calm down the skin. Stay away from lasers and peels at first and then only use them if you need to in gentle amounts.

Radiofrequency is an amazing thing to use, they are all not the same, the strongest most effective and safest one is called Profound; it is a radiofrequency treatment that tightens up the cheeks, the nasal labial folds and the jawline and neck.

I have used it on myself, I love Profound, the second best that I have seen is Morpheus, as far as tightening goes, the other radiofrequencies do not work too well.

The superficial ones but they do make the skin look better and then you have the wand-based radio frequencies like face tight, which should not be used on the face, but it can be used in the jawline and neck to get tightening.

Written on 29/03/2021


Last Update: 27/05/2022

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