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The Top Skin Rejuvenation Treatments For Those Who Don't Want Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

The Top Skin Rejuvenation Treatments For Those Who Don't Want Fillers

It is necessary to know who is the most suitable candidate for any subject in aesthetic treatments.

This situation brings with it a perfect match in the right patient, the right doctor and the right treatment match and solutions with very good results.
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Fillers are a treatment in which the right candidate part is often skipped and preferred by almost everyone for different reasons, which almost challenges the concept of patient selection.

Yes, our hero is hyaluronic acid (HA) filler and almost everyone has a belief that “if I am human and I have a face, the filler will make me look better”.

We asked our doctors about all these issues and searched for alternative methods for those who were not good candidates for filler. Let's start:

Medical Physician Sule Sakrak MD:

skin resurfacing"There are a lot of people around who should never have fillers or should not be exposed to fillers to that extent. Unfortunately, people look artificial and caricatured like that.

Contrary to what it seems on social media, fillers are not right for everyone. If you are a doctor with ethical values and an artistic point of view, you will reject your patient who you suspect will not get good results with HA, but you can offer different alternatives.

I would also like to add that those with autoimmune disorders and allergies should be treated more carefully. While many autoimmune patients can do well with small doses of fillers, there is a sizable subset whose immune systems overreact to some, but not all, types of HA fillers.

It is very important to talk to the patient and analyze the situation. Ask each patient, 'Do you have seasonal allergies? How bad are they? How often do you have to take an antihistamine ?'”.
Sule Sakrak MD whatsapp
Because under-eye light fillers and cheek fillers can be particularly problematic for these patients, water-binding HA gels can trigger a type of fluid buildup known as malar edema, making them look puffy and weird, as if there are gallons of filler under their eyes.

Even lips can look exaggerated when allergies arise.”

Dermatologist Hatice Coskun Gungordu MD

beautiful skin“There are injectable fillers that do not contain HA. It can be recommended if the patient has an autoimmune disease and allergy to such an ingredient and necessarily wants a filler.

There may be fillers containing poly -L-lactic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite, but it should be noted that these products are different from HAs.

Although they are often called biostimulators, we can say non-HA fillers because they trigger collagen production. However, unlike hyaluronic acid, these materials do not attract and retain water, so excessive bloating does not occur in the patient.
Hatice Coskun Gungordu MDThe effects tend to be longer lasting. In these non-HA fillers, there is a scaffold logic in which the body itself creates collagen. Volume develops gradually over several months.

Unlike traditional fillers, there is no immediate effect, as I said it builds up over time. I think it gives good results for volume improvement and skin texture improvement. “

Medical Physician Gokce Haspolat MD

6D Star Lİfting“The most important patient group at risk of looking excessively plump and artificial are those over 40 years of age with significant skin laxity.

How much can it lift when we use fillers to lift sagging skin? It can't lift filler and fix skin laxity, at least not naturally. When we inject too much to produce this lift effect, a strange image will emerge.

In general, I think that HA filler gives the best results in young patients with good skin quality and strong bone structure, and 6D Star Thread Lift should be added to the treatment for those who are older and have sagging problems.
Gokce Haspolat
Bone loss occurs due to the aging process. Now we see a large amount of filler in the faces of many celebrities, or many people we meet on the street when we go out, especially in lumps on the bone.

These piles of fillers appear to be a gelled, soft tissue mass that is relatively unsupported by age-decreased bone and acts on it in a very unnatural way.

Mesotherapy and suspension options together with fillers should be used as a combined treatment in this age group.

Dermatologist Ebru Zehra Aygun MD

peeling"People prefer to have wrinkled and drooping faces rather than swollen faces because they see examples of bad fillers that have gone viral on social media, and they rightfully do not want a face like this.

Fillers are wonderful products if they are done in the right dosage, but of course we have other solutions for patients who do not like fillers.
Ebru Zehra Aygun whatsapp
Those who do not like fillers. but we can still offer numerous solutions to my patients who want to look fresh and young and delay the surgery for a while to increase collagen and strengthen the tone and texture of the skin.

I recommend a solid skin care regimen that includes SPF 50+ sunscreen and basically a retinoid. At regular intervals mesotherapy and peelings during the winter months are among my recommendations.”

Dermatologist Zahide Eris MD

laser“If you do not want fillers, skin tightening tools can offer the right solutions.

These use radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound energy to heat tissues and trigger collagen growth for smoother, firmer skin over time.
Zahide Eris
Although they can not completely eliminate the two to four centimeters of looseness that we see in the patient during the examination, they allow us to obtain meaningful results.

Also, medium depth chemical peels and non-ablative lasers are options we can offer for the treatment of fine lines.

Moderate-strength chemical peels and laser treatments affect the skin in a deeper layer and can help build more collagen in the skin during healing.”

Written on 28/03/2022


Last Update: 15/11/2022

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