The Reason Why Some Lip Fillers Look Fake is in This Article!

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Sevgi Ekiyor, MD

The Reason Why Some Lip Fillers Look Fake is in This Article!

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, we all understand very well how lip fillers look incrementally and how they can change the face and appearance of a person.

But we wanted to consult an expert and ask the reason for lip fillers that look fake. Sevgi Ekiyor MD made a statement to Newlyme.
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“There are many reasons why some lip fillers look fake. But I want to tell you about a research. Photographs of the lips of a female model were given to a total of 98 volunteers, 76 female and 22 male, out of 98 volunteers.

They asked them to digitally examine 5 different lip shapes of the model's 5 lip regions that were modified. Participants were surveyed for each photograph.

They asked the participants whether the model had fillers in her lips, whether the lips were attractive, natural or artificial.

The Human Eye is a Cruel Critic

Kylie JennerStudy, 50 percent of participants said they believed lips were treated if the ratio of lower lip to upper lip was less than 0.92 or greater than 1.48.

50% expressed lips artificially if the upper and lower ratio was less than 0.85 or greater than one.

What do we understand here now? The human eye is a cruel critic. If the lower lips appear too large or too small compared to the upper lip, the overall effect may seem artificial.

Filling the upper lip alone is more likely to trigger artificial measurement of the eye while filling both lips is more convincing.

Because in this state, both of them will look more moist and smooth with the effect of HA.

Proportion is Important

lip proportionThe best way to give the patient a natural result is to improve what they already have, rather than trying to create something new. This is usually achieved by treating both the upper and lower lips.

A natural-looking lip usually has a greater balance of lower lip component compared to the upper lip. However, there is an exception to every rule, and there are actually many patients who have equally sized upper and lower lips.

Not all lips are created equal. Therefore, what suits you best is yours and your doctor's decision.

Lips Play an Important Role in the Overall Aesthetic Appearance Of The Face

lip fillerAs with all facial structures, the relative proportions of all the various components contribute to our collective concept of beauty.

If any of the individual components, such as the eyes, nose, ears or lips, are too large or too small, the harmony is broken and the result is outside the boundaries of aesthetic norms.

In practice, the patient should be told that further magnification will be too much and will look artificial. It is our duty as doctors to inform the patient.

Quantitative measurement of the lips as a fixed guide for lip augmentation, in my opinion, is neither practical nor realistic. Because there are too many variables. “

Areas Adjacent To The Lip Should Also Be Considered

lip areaLip-to-nose distance, marionette and chin area are extremely important when designing lips.

For example, we may not get the right result if only the lip is performed in patients with a very retracted chin and a very hollow marionette. All these lines need to be proportioned.

Written on 26/05/2022


Last Update: 08/06/2022

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