The Most Popular Hair Transplant Centers and Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul 2023

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Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

The Most Popular Hair Transplant Centers and Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul 2023

We have compiled the clinics where you can have hair transplantation in Istanbul and the hair transplantation prices of these clinics for you below:
1. Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul
2. Hair Transplantation Centers and Clinics Performing Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

1. Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul

Istanbul hair transplantation prices are made in a wide range of pricing depending on many criteria.

Hair transplant Istanbul prices may vary depending on whether it is a private clinic or hospital, the title of the doctor who will do the hair transplant, and the location of the clinic or hospital. 

Nisantasi ranks first among the districts with the highest hair transplant prices in Istanbul. Etiler-Levent, Bagdat Caddesi (between Bostanci-Kadikoy) and Bakırkoy district clinics follow.
Therefore, prices are realized in a wide range, with an average price range of 1.100 Dolar to 2.600 dolar.

2. Hair Transplantation Centers and Clinics Performing Hair Transplantation in Istanbul:

1. Esteinnova Hair Transplant Center

EsteinnovaEstainnova Hair Transplantation Center, serving in Istanbul Ataşehir, has been providing hair transplantation services for 13 years with the motto of happy patients.  

Esteinnova, who performs different hair transplantation techniques such as Sapphire FUE, DHI and stem cell hair transplantation, as well as beard transplantation, gives importance to personalized planning and patient satisfaction.

Esteinnova, which provides 24/7 live consultation and interview services after hair transplantation, has performed hair transplantation treatments in over 3000 different profiles and techniques for 13 years.
EsteinnovaEsteinnova, which stands out with different transplantation techniques, especially Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, which is the most popular treatment, does not leave hair transplantation patients alone for 1 year thanks to the importance it gives to the patient follow-up process after hair transplantation.

2. Gold City Hair

Gold City HairGold City Hair is a clinic that also serves around the world. It continues to make a difference with the best doctors in the field of hair transplantation and medical aesthetics by incorporating the latest technological devices.

Applying the techniques and methods accepted by the international hair surgery association together with the latest technological devices, Gold City Hair has made its claim a major in hair transplantation.
Gold City Hair
After analyzing the skin structure with technological devices, the treatment methods, which he carried out R & D studies in the existing laboratories, reached international standards.

3. Dr. Kinyas Dusunmez

Dr. KinyasKinyas Hair Transplantation Center is a hair transplantation center that uses the latest technology techniques under the leadership of Dr. Kinyas Düşünmez.

Since 2013, he has been performing hair transplantation with DHI Pen technique to visitors from all over the world.
Kinyas Dusunmez, MD
Kinyas Hair Transplantation Center, which has performed more than 6000 hair transplant applications to date, also guarantees the hair transplant for a lifetime.

The motto of Kinyas Hair Transplantation Clinic where located in Göztepe Kadıköy, is "Personalized hair transplantation using Hair Design and the Right Technique".

4. Emphair Hair Transplantation Center

EmphairEmphair Hair Transplantation Center, with its 12 years of experience in Istanbul, Ankara and Amsterdam, gives you lost hair and strengthens your existing hair with supportive treatments. The FUE and DHI techniques you need are made with sapphire tip and unshaven options.

You can examine the hair transplantation stages in detail in the comments of a patient who had hair transplantation at Emphair Hair Transplantation Center: "Every stage of the hair transplantation process was very good"

In this clinic, hair transplantation can be performed at prices ranging from 600 dolar to 1500 dolar. To reach and embark on a hair transplant journey:

Local anesthesia, which everyone is afraid of in the hair transplantation process, is performed without the use of needles and thus provides comfort to the fullest.

5. ClinicExpert

clinicexpertClinicExpert has been serving in the fields of hair transplantation, cometic and surgical treatments, dental aesthetics, bariatric surgery for more than 10 years.

ClinicExpert, which has expert staff in their fields, serves its patients at high quality standards.

To experience hair transplantation with ClinicExpert:
Clinic Expert
ClinicExpert serves many patients from Turkey, as well as from the Middle East and European countries. It has a service policy that prioritizes the expectations, comfort and safety of its patients. Hair transplant prices vary between 600 dolar and 1500 dolar
For more detailed information about ClinicExpert, you can examine the comments and thoughts of a patient who had a hair transplant: "My hair transplantation experience with DHI technique"

6. Nedim Budakoglu MD

Nedim Budakoglu MDA graduate of Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Nedim Budakoglu is a medical physician.

Especially in Istanbul; It offers a high level of treatment to its patients in medical aesthetics and hair transplantation in Antalya, London and Frankfurt.

7. Serkan Aygin Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr. Serkan AygınDr. Serkan Aygın works in the clinic that bears his name. The doctor, who is known both in Turkey and abroad, is a dermatologist. Aygin's clinic, who is also an active member of the International Dermatology Association, has been providing hair transplant services for more than 20 years.

The counselees who come for hair transplantation are examined by the doctor and the most suitable hair transplantation method is determined for the patient and the procedures are started.

The three most frequently used methods in Serkan Aygın Hair Transplantation Clinic are FUE, Safir FUE and DHI.
Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic prices are between 1000 Dolar and 2000 Dolar on average.

8. Hermest Hair Transplantation Center

Hermest ClinicHermest Hair Transplantation Center is one of our hair transplantation centers that represents Turkey in the international arena with its success.

Turkey's leading private team has many certificates, including the international JCI certificate.

In order to obtain the best results in hair transplantation, the forehead line should be designed in accordance with the facial structure of each patient by using the maximum number of grafts.

In order to achieve this, personalized hair transplantation planning is required in the hair transplantation method.

2021 hair transplant prices vary between 600 Dolar and 1200 dolar. If you are curious about the comment of a patient who had a hair transplant at Hermest Hair Transplantation Center, here is what we share with you: "No better hair transplant results"

When planning hair transplantation, the most suitable one out of 10 methods is preferred.

Each of the hair transplant specialists has at least 10 years of experience and an international hair transplant specialist certificate.

9. Asmed Hair Center

Asmed Hair CenterAsmed Hair Center, one of the most well-known and successful hair transplant doctors in the world, Dr. Koray Erdogan and his expert team provide services in hair transplantation both in the country and abroad.
After making an appointment with Asmed Hair Center, your suitability for hair transplantation is checked and it is time for the treatments in an average of 6-7 months.

10. Transmed Clinic

Transmed ClinicTransmed Clinic has been serving in Istanbul since 1994. It was established by Dr. Melike Külahçı to provide hair and surgery services.

It is also preferred by many international patients, as they carry out the treatment of the patients served and their post-treatment follow-up, which is also an important process, by observing health standards.

Medical Director Dr. Melike Kulahci states that they are doing research on the number of grafts for people who will have hair transplantation, but she also points out that it is important to pay more attention to the reliability of the surgeon who performs the operation, rather than the number of grafts in hair transplantation.

Successful doctor in hair transplantation, We also share with you the hair transplant experience performed by Melike Kulahci at Transmed Clinic:

"I found the right address after 1 year for my hair transplant need and I am very pleased with the result. The comment is yours.

11. Istanbul Vita Clinic

Istanbul Vita ClinicIstanbul Vita Clinic performs hair transplantation with personalized planning for customer satisfaction and for its customers to get the best results.

It follows the developments for 1 year after transplanting and gives a lifetime guarantee. Hair transplantation takes place with professional doctors and a team of experts.

They guarantee a natural look after hair transplantation. Istanbul Vita Clinic uses a sapphire percutaneous technique in hair transplantation.

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