Hande Ercel: The Most Beautiful Woman of 2020

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Written by Selin Sezgin.

Hande Ercel: The Most Beautiful Woman of 2020

Today it is not hard to see attractive women on the web, especially on social media platforms. A big part of these beauties is created by limitless photograph filters or a few aesthetic procedures, while some women are purely natural.

Among these beautiful ladies, one precious name stepped forward in 2020: Hande Ercel.

Chosen the most beautiful woman of the world by random voters of a poll done by some American plastic surgeons, Hande Ercel has beaten many other Turkish women such as Tuba Buyukustun, Demet Ozdemir and, Elcin Sangu. 

Who Is Hande Ercel?

Hande ErçelBorn in 1993, Hande Ercel is a famous Turkish actress and model. She has appeared in different productions since 2012. 

The 28-year-old actress has many fans both from Turkey and the world. The number of her Instagram followers has been increasing day by day and, it has already reached 26 million.

The productions that feature her name on their cast list are popular. Other than TV movies and series, she played in different shampoo commercials. 

Did Hande Ercel Have Any Plastic Surgery? 

Hande Ercel's aesteheticMany people believe that the beautiful actress had multiple cosmetic procedures to have the appearance that she has today.

She lost weight in time and, her size changed a lot. Her hairstyle changes her face also. But the real change in her look doesn't come with the size or hair.

That is something else. According to some plastic surgeons, there are at least five different cosmetic touches on her face.

Hande Ercel May Have Had Several Cosmetic Procedures

Hande Ercel several cosmetic proceduresShe has never confessed that she had any cosmetic procedures, but anybody can see the difference between her old and new photos. Starting from her eyes to her chin, it seems that there has been a dramatic change. 

Many digital newspapers and social platforms wrote that she had multiple aesthetic procedures. Some plastic surgeons agreed that she had such kinds of operations. 
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Seemingly her eyes were reshaped by an almond eye surgery. Her cheeks looked fuller and rounder in her old pictures, while they are slimmer now, which means that she may also have had Hollywood cheek (bichectomy) surgery. She has fillers on her cheeks in addition to bichectomy.

It is not clear that she has had a nose job. It seems that she had fillers in other parts of her face too. Hande Ercel may have chin botox and lip fillers. It won't be wrong to say that she became a gorgeous woman after having these procedures. 

Hande Ercel Before Surgery
Hande Ercel before surgery
Hande Ercel was not this attractive before having had these surgeries and procedures. You can also see the difference with your own eyes by looking at her pictures.

Written on 25/12/2020


Last Update: 06/09/2022

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