How to Get More Views for Your Profile?

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

How to Get More Views for Your Profile?

Answering the questions asked by patients at Newlyme attracts the attention of potential patients while they are doing research.
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Just like with more patient reviews and before-and-after photos, answering questions will raise your doctor's search rankings and send more potential patients to your profile.

So how will you answer the questions most effectively? What are the things you should pay attention to? Now let's examine it together: 

1. Understand the Marketing Value of the Q&A

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The questions asked to Newlyme are asked by potential patients while they are researching the treatments they are interested in.

Therefore, the Q&A part is actually a direct marketing tool. You enter the mind of the potential patient whose question you answer.

Likewise, the answers you give are read not only by that patient but also by thousands of people doing research on the same subject. This proves your professionalism on the subject.

2. Answering Lots of Questions

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Focus on answering at least 5 questions for each treatment. Timeliness and ongoing engagement are important to Q&A, so it's a good idea to routinely include it on your to-do list to get the most benefit.

This will help you increase the visibility of your profile. Even if hundreds of other doctors have answered the questions, your profile view will be reduced if you do not answer them.

3. Pay Attention to Written Communication While Answering Questions

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Remember that the potential patient is really looking for an answer to their question. The automatic copy-paste answers you give to almost every question here will damage the bond you can establish with the patients.

Be a trainer for effective communication. Patients seek reliable information, and this is your chance to showcase your expertise.

Be sure to present your answers as opinions, not medical advice. Statements like these can clarify this distinction.

  • "According to me…"

  •  “In my past experiences…”

  •  “In similar situations where I started…”

  • “Based on cases I've seen before…”

You can log in to your administration panel to browse and answer past questions.

Written on 10/11/2021


Last Update: 04/07/2022

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