The Guest of the Aesthetic Conversations with Newlyme is Dr. Sercan Gode

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By Selin Sezgin • Medical review by Sercan Gode, MD

The Guest of the Aesthetic Conversations with Newlyme is Dr. Sercan Gode

Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Dr. Sercan Gode was the guest.

Gode talked about rhinoplasty, how a natural nose should be, and what should be considered when choosing a doctor...

Click here for this pleasant conversation we had with Dr. Sercan Gode…

Assoc. Dr. Sercan Gode podcast

Aesthetic, Functional, and Socio-Cultural Nose

rhinoplasty from past to presentDr. Sercan Gode explained the nose structure separately as aesthetic, functional, and socio-cultural;

“Aesthetically, it is an aesthetically magnificent organ that can change the proportions of the face and plays a role in the 3D image of the face.

Functionally; Breathing, smelling, cooling the brain, heating the air, filtering features, disease, bleeding and trauma can be affected by many things, and when all these are considered, it is always one of the most important places to intervene.

Socio-culturally, as social media, photography, and selfies entered our lives, our body and body perceptions began to change.

This caused people to be dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose and want to change it.”

What Has Changed from Past to Present in Rhinoplasty?

natural rhinoplastyHaving worked on rhinoplasty for a long time, Dr. Sercan Gode talked about the changes in rhinoplasty from past to present;

“When rhinoplasty first started, studies were carried out on reduction. There weren't too many operated patients, so revision wasn't done too much.

The philosophy of rhinoplasty has changed because medicine has been democratized. Now, noses that look more natural and look like they haven't been operated on have come to the fore.”

What is Natural Nose?

what is a natural noseThe natural nose image that everyone wants to have, Dr. Sercan Göde told; “No one has to have a rhinoplasty.

An arched nose or a slightly curved nose is also natural. A very abnormal nose has a raised nose tip, and is not compatible at all is not natural.

The natural nose actually; It is a nose that will breathe, that is compatible with the face, and that it is not obvious that the surgery was performed if possible.”

Nose Filling Doesn't Add a Function to the Nose

nose fillerDr. Sercan Gode stated that the nose filling enlarged the nose and added; “Nose fillers do not add a function to the nose, they only change its appearance.

As with any application, it has risks. In addition, fillings are not a one-time procedure.”

In the popular quick questions section of Aesthetic Conversations with Dr. Sercan GOde Newlyme; We asked whether it was wrong to cover the nose while sneezing, whether the hair in the nose could be cut, whether there was a patient he turned down, the most difficult case, which profession he would have chosen if he had not been a doctor, and whether he had aesthetics, and we received sincere answers from him.

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Written on 03/09/2021


Last Update: 29/06/2022

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