The Aesthetic Map Of The World Is Out. Turkey Is The 5th Country

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

The Aesthetic Map Of The World Is Out. Turkey Is The 5th Country

With the development of technology and medicine, the interest in aesthetic treatments continues to increase day by day. Even the pandemic that emerged in 2020 and swept the whole world could not slow the pace of aesthetic treatments.

According to the report announced 2 years ago, the number of people who received help from aesthetic surgery is over 10 million, and the number of people who prefer non-surgical aesthetic treatments has reached 14.5 million.

According To The Report Of The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS);


  • Turkey is in the list of the 5th country in the world where the most aesthetic treatments are made.

  • We are in the 2nd place in rhinoplasty and 3rd in botox among the most applied aesthetic treatments.

The Trends Of 10 Countries Are Different From Each Other

aestheticIn the report published by ISAPS, the trend aesthetic treatment of each geography differs from the other.

In the 2020 report, the ranking of the most applied aesthetic surgery and non-surgical treatment in the world is as follows:

Turkey Is The 2nd Country in Health Tourism

health tourism in TurkeyAccording to the ISAPS report, which was created only according to the data obtained from plastic surgeons, 1 out of 4 patients who received aesthetic treatment in Turkey is a foreigner.

Turkey, which ranks second in health tourism after Mexico, receives the most patients from Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

Written on 06/05/2022


Last Update: 08/06/2022

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