Rhinoplasty Surgery for Older Patients


Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Rhinoplasty Surgery for Older Patients

Rhinoplasty is technically a procedure that can be performed to people of all age groups. Although there is no technical problem, there are practical difficulties in having rhinoplasty in middle age and later.
One of the most important problems of rhinoplasty for older patients are the change in skin quality. Many years of sun exposure cause dramatic skin changes that affect skin quality.

In addition, the skin becomes thinner due to aging and the elements (collagen and elastin) responsible for adding volume to the face decrease.

Rhinoplasty surgery means the existence of factors such as prolongation of the healing process, increased bleeding and bruising, and risk of scarring in the elderly due to these factors.
Nose with its anatomical structure; Soft tissue continues to grow as we age, thanks to changes in the muscles, skin elasticity and cartilage that makes up the structure of the nose.
nose job for old people
The main reason for the changes that may cause obstruction in the nasal dorsum and nasal airways, such as nasal drooping and nasal tip drooping, especially in people aged 60 and over, is this unceasing growth process.
As well as the physiological changes in the nose, another factor that affects the difficulties of rhinoplasty in the elderly is the general health status of the person.

One of the most important criteria is that the person has good health conditions that can remove the anesthesia, and that he or she does not have a disease that will prevent the healing process.

What Can Rhinoplasty Accomplish for Older Patients ?

rhinoplasty for older patientsThe risk scale of rhinoplasty surgery in the elderly is the same as the risk potential with a possible surgery.

In other words, for someone over the age of 60 who is in good health without any underlying medical problems, the overall risks associated with rhinoplasty are relatively similar to those of other ages.

Rhinoplasty surgery risks may include:

  • Anesthesia complications.
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scar
  • Poor Wound Healing

 These risks are common risk factors for individuals of all ages who will undergo rhinoplasty. The effect of aging on possible risk formation consists of differences in the healing process.

Good Breath is Everyone's Right…

good breath is everyone rightHealthy breathing means a healthy body. Removing the obstacles in front of the body's oxygen intake has a positive effect on general body health.

Breathing reduces stress levels, balances blood pressure, regulates critical bodily processes, and ensures adequate oxygen delivery to organs such as the brain and heart.

In cases where the nose does not function properly, the lungs and heart have to work more than necessary and get tired.

Proper breathing, especially with advancing age, contributes to the protection of whole body health.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get a Nose Job?

nose job for old peopleRhinoplasty is in the class of surgeries that can be performed at any age and that does not have a certain age limit.

The fact that rhinoplasty surgery is much more common from the age of 18 to the age of 40, in the early age periods when aesthetic concerns are intense, creates the impression that rhinoplasty cannot be performed in the advanced age period.

However, loss of function in the anatomical sense of the nose means the same problems for people of almost every age group.

For people aged 60 and over, rhinoplasty can be planned after a comprehensive assessment of the person's health status along with the physiological changes in the nose.

The Unknown Benefit of Rhinoplasty in the Elderly…

rhinoplasty in the elderlyDid you know that rhinoplasty surgery is almost a youth secret for middle-aged and older patients?

According to a study published in the leading medical journal JAMA® Facial Plastic Surgery, rhinoplasty in the elderly results in a significantly younger appearance.
In the research that refers to this under-appreciated benefit of rhinoplasty; It has been reported that it provides a significantly younger appearance, an increase in the harmony of facial features and an improvement in general facial aesthetics.

Can You Get a Nose Job If You Have a Heart Condition?

heart conditionNose job carries much less risk for heart patients than other surgeries, and complications are very rare. However, a small risk is a risk and should be taken into account.

The most important criterion regarding the necessity of considering rhinoplasty surgery for heart patients is the degree of heart disease.

If you have cardiovascular disease, you can have rhinoplasty under the supervision of a cardiologist without worry. Rhinoplasty surgery for heart patients is usually performed without any side effects.

Is Blood Pressure an Obstacle to Nose Job?

blood pressureMany people with high blood pressure can safely undergo many procedures, including nose surgery.

People with blood pressure do not need to worry about having a safe and successful rhinoplasty if their blood pressure is under control.

Is Sugar an Obstacle to Nose Job?

sugar an obstacleBeing diabetic is not an obstacle to having rhinoplasty surgery.

A successful nose job surgery is possible for people of all ages by taking the necessary precautions, closely monitoring the diabetes before and after the surgery, and keeping the sugar under control.

What Should The Elderly Pay Attention To Before and After Rhinoplasty?

before and after rhinoplasty for elderlyThe factors that the elderly should pay attention to before and after rhinoplasty are almost the same as those that should be considered before and after general rhinoplasty.

Since the most basic difference is the age of the person, there will be changes in the health screenings to be made during the preparation and recovery period, supportive treatment after the surgery or the health parameters to be controlled.
Medications to be used regularly; It requires an extra follow-up, especially when it comes to advanced age rhinoplasty.

Blood thinners should not be used before and after rhinoplasty. In this case, the path to be followed will be planned by your doctor.
The recovery period after rhinoplasty takes longer time as the age progresses.

Good management of the process can be achieved by the intake of supports that will contribute to your recovery, recommended by the doctor, however, it is important for the elderly, especially, to be patient about the recovery process after nose surgery.

The Best Rhinoplasty Doctors You Can Prefer

rhinoplasty doctorsChoosing a doctor for rhinoplasty in the elderly is one of the most important steps.

The most important criterion here is that the doctor you will choose should have experience in rhinoplasty, especially for the advanced age group.

In rhinoplasty in the elderly, it is important to choose a doctor who is familiar with the thinned skin over the years and the subcutaneous destruction caused by aging.

In this context, it is an alternative way to examine the references of nose surgeries performed by doctors.
Rhinoplasty operations require advanced expertise and a specific approach.

It is important that the doctors who will perform rhinoplasty, especially in the elderly, have both the functional structure of the nose, such as the internal structure of the nose, sinus and similar disorders, and the necessary opinion, knowledge and experience in terms of aesthetics.

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