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Reputation Management in 6 Basic Steps for Doctors

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Reputation Management in 6 Basic Steps for Doctors

For doctors, reputation management is a method of influencing their patients about their brand and clinic. By managing your reputation, you can earn respect as well as success in your career.

Of course, it is not that easy to implement reputation management correctly and it includes many elements. It is imperative that you make sure you use all methods to get the best possible result.

Here are the basic steps you should take for reputation management.

  • Create a great customer experience

  • Always care about the Google My Business side

  • Highlight your references

  • Emphasize sharing experiences

  • Simplify your website

  • Create an engaging about us page

We've outlined all the key components and elements of reputation management that you need to learn.
Let's explore more now.

Why is Reputation Management Important?

reputation management important1. Cosmetic treatments are complex and require experience and skill. While it helps people look beautiful and confident, a small mistake can lead to serious problems.

2. That's why patients want to make sure you are the best doctor who can give them tremendous results.

3. They want to know that you are highly respected and experienced in the field you have determined. They also give importance to experience.

4. In this case, online reputation management can help you engage and engage with even the patient who has major concerns about the treatment he or she seeks.

5. The best part is that reputation management can grab the attention of a large audience or potential customers.

6. Reputation management is a part of your digital branding services to create a brand image, not to forget that too.

7. It also encourages patients to trust you and allows you to do your job without worrying about treatment procedures and methods.
NRC Health research, about 92.4% of consumers consider online reviews as a guide when making casual purchasing decisions.

For this reason, people who want to have plastic surgery will definitely choose a surgeon with impressive and extraordinary online reviews.

Therefore, if you want to give customers the best service, your first step should be to persuade and encourage them to visit your clinic or facility.

You can only do this by working on your reputation management.

Benefits of Reputation Management

1. Builds Customer Trust

customer trustWhen you have a significant digital presence with an impeccable reputation, individuals will see you as the best surgeon they could choose. Therefore, build trust by convincing them to take advantage of your services

Most importantly, these satisfied patients are more likely to share their results with other people. As a result, it will generate more revenue and leads.

2. Better SEO

seoBuilding reputation management for doctors can also help improve SEO. I'm wondering, does SEO work? We seem to hear you say.

As you know, having good SEO gives you a high ranking in Google search results.

This means more people on the internet will see your website or profile. But how do reviews help increase SEO?

If you respond quickly and positively to reviews, it can encourage your customers to delete or change bad reviews.

This can help you review positioning and improve CTR. CTR is Google's ranking signal, it leads to better SEO.

3. Increases Profit

increases profitThe most vital benefit of reputation management for doctors is that it increases your annual income.

As more people observe your digital presence, more patients will trust you, leading to substantial profits at the end of the year.

How Can Cosmetic Doctors Manage Reputation?

Now that you know the reputation management steps, it is necessary to implement every step and know the right tactics.

1. Create a Great Customer Experience

great customer experienceYou have to start by providing excellent and promising services. Remember that word of mouth will spread when it comes to building a reputation.

Key to a satisfying experience. But you also need to provide the best customer service and guide your customers through the process.

You must also use top-quality tools and equipment and apply the best methods and procedures.

You should also consider that communication between you and your employees plays an important role in a positive customer experience.

Finally, you must follow all precautionary, safety, and hygiene rules during your time in your clinic and operating room.

2. Always Care About The Google My Business Side

google my businessGoogle My Business is the best tool to motivate patients to get your service.

It's a free, simple, and easy-to-use tool for organizations and businesses to manage and maintain their digital presence on Google, including Maps and search.

Mainly, it helps customers find your business and verify your performance and capabilities regarding the particular service or product you're selling.

Google My Business also tells customers your story, your business location, areas of expertise, and other information.

The most important thing your new customers can find are the comments on your profile that will help them make a decision.

You can easily create your profile and add any information you want, such as contact number, name, and pictures of the results of your previous surgeries.

For reputation management, it's best to update information with improvements you make to services.

3. Highlight Your References

influenserIt's important to remember that patient testimonials are very important to your business.

Potential clients use these testimonials to decide if they are the best fit for treatments. It will act as a ranking signal for the search engine while showcasing your expertise and skills.

Influencers and celebrities provide very strong communication for such references.

Here are the benefits of providing patient testimonials

  • Photos speak louder than words

  • Shows which apps you need to offer

  • Increases your credibility

  • Gives you more communication to be proud of your website

  • Strengthens your reference base

4. Emphasize Sharing Experiences

reviewA survey shows that 36% of individuals aged 25 to 34 use online reviews for product and brand research.
That's why online reviews are vital to your company's visibility and branding. About 19% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

That's why you need to set up a review incentive program. You can achieve this by asking your patients to evaluate.

In this case, you can use automated messaging or transactional emails that you can send after surgery. Besides that, portals like Newlyme will also benefit.

You can train your staff for this and teach them when and how to ask for comments.

Pro Tip: Try to personalize your messages using your patient's name.

5. Simplify Your Website

websiteJust as it is important to have patient reviews on your website, it is also important to make the review procedure easy, simple, and accessible.

Keep in mind that not every person has the time and energy to spend a few minutes just understanding the way they comment.

There's nothing more frustrating than clicking through 5 pages before typing a single word of the review.

Will have an outstanding “bounce rate,” meaning many people leave without comment. Therefore, try to make the process as easy as possible.

Website, Instagram profile, Facebook page, or any other form. Also, minimize the number of clicks and keep your form or survey short.

6. Create an Engaging About Us Page

about usDid you know that the “About Us” page is one of the most important pages on your site?

It has an incredible impact on the readability of your website and the perception of your customers. The About Us page gives visitors the opportunity to understand your facility and clinic.

This is your chance to tell your potential customers about your education, experience, skills and knowledge.

When customers come to your page, they will be looking for simple yet compelling promotional content. It should answer the basic questions on your customer's mind. They should be able to learn everything they want to know from this page.

In other words, it will help you build your own image.

Written on 21/04/2022


Last Update: 21/04/2022

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