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Post-Bariatric Surgery Back Stretching

Post Bariatric Surgery

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Hakan Ocsel, MD

Back Lift After Bariatric Surgery

Obesity, which has increased from 857 million to 2.1 billion in the last 30 years, continues to increase. Most patients with this problem can get rid of this problem with stomach reduction surgery or diet.

However, after this weight loss, unwanted skin sagging may occur in the patient's body. With body recovery operations after obesity surgery, patients can get rid of these sagging problems.

Back stretching after bariatric surgery is one of the most frequently applied procedures among these operations. With this surgical procedure, which we can briefly define as back lift aesthetics, the excess skin in the back area is removed and the back area gains a more aesthetic appearance.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Hakan Ocsel summarizes post-bariatric surgeries as follows:
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“As it is known, obesity is on the rise all over the world. However, the processes applied with advanced technologies change the lives of obesity patients and help them lose weight significantly.

Even if this weight is supported by sports, it can cause certain deformations in the body. These deformations are generally experienced in the abdominal region, breast region, back, inner legs, hip and pop, face region.

One year after bariatric surgery, patients whose weight gain has stopped and who have stabilized are undergoing procedures such as tummy tuck, back lift, liposuction, fat transfer procedures, inner leg lift, arm lift and breast jobs.

As an experienced physician in body contour surgery, it is extremely valuable for us to contribute to the aesthetic change experienced by our patients.”

What is Back Lift Surgery?

back liftThere are changes in the skin and muscle tissue in the back area due to excessive weight gain and loss and other reasons.

We can list these changes as large volume increase in skin and subcutaneous tissues, decrease in skin elasticity and relaxation of muscles.

Especially after weight loss, there is a great decrease in the amount of skin and subcutaneous tissues, and this area is often not sufficiently recovered.

Because the skin elastic fibers are separated from each other in the enlarged skin. This image can be corrected not with diet or exercise, but with back aesthetics, which is a body stretching surgery.

How Is Back Lift Surgery Performed?

back lift surgeryIn this surgery; Excess fat is removed from the area above the armpits and shoulder blades, around the breasts, and often in the bra line areas that extend towards the lower part of the breast.

This treatment to the upper back area is also called bra line aesthetics. With this procedure, it is aimed to reduce the body in the back area.

However, depending on the condition of the patients, removing the excess fat alone may not be a sufficient procedure. As a result, excess skin is removed by skin stretching along the line extending from the bra line to the shoulder blades.

In the back lift operation, horizontal incision is generally applied. After this procedure, in which the muscles are brought into a tighter form, the patient is relieved of a physical burden and has a more aesthetically pleasing back.

After weight loss surgery, back lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 2 hours. Usually, the patient stays in the hospital for 1 night.

As before every surgery, if the patient smokes in back fat removal surgery, he is asked to quit 1 month before the surgery. Again, the use of blood thinners and other drugs before the operation is questioned and the process is planned accordingly.

After Back Lift Surgery

back lift before afterAlthough the scar seen after back lift surgery, which is applied for both women and men, differs according to the skin quality of the person, it starts to fade after 9-12 months on average.

After the upper back stretching, a more aesthetic appearance and a tighter skin texture are obtained in the upper part of the person.

In this process, called back lift, the back is corrected with a treatment performed together with liposuction. The scar left after the procedure remains on the underwear or swimsuit line and fades over time.

In post-bariatric surgery, which is a necessary procedure after obesity treatment, back stretching treatments increase the patient's quality of life.

Written on 25/03/2021


Last Update: 29/08/2022

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