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Plastic Surgery with Body Sizes: Large Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Sevgi Kurt Yazar, MD

Plastic Surgery with Body Sizes: Large Breast Reduction

According to the news in Indigo Magazine, while breast reduction surgeries are preferred by women for aesthetic purposes, they are also performed to get rid of many health problems that reduce their quality of life. Plastic Surgeon Sevgi Kurt Yazar MD explains:
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“Breast reduction should not be considered for aesthetic purposes only. Because of the large breast structure, it can cause especially back and neck pain, posture disorders and problems such as hunching, and sometimes even difficulty in breathing.

In addition to physical health problems, women who do not like their appearance can isolate themselves from society and be negatively affected socially and psychologically.

Quality Of Life is Negatively Affected

big breast“As a result of genetic factors, hormonal changes or some diseases, large breast problems that cannot adapt to body sizes may occur.

This; When weight changes, breastfeeding and the effect of gravity are added, an appearance and health problems that reduce the quality of life are seen.

As I just said, in addition to orthopedic problems such as back and neck pain, numbness in the arm nerve, posture disorders and humpback, skin irritations may occur, especially in summer.

The person's daily activities and range of motion are limited, and their psychological and social relationships are adversely affected.

It is a Treatment That Makes People's Life Easier

comfortable“Surgeries performed for breast reduction and lift give the breast a natural appearance and make life easier for the person.

How to perform the breast shaped surgery according to body measurements; It is planned after the details such as breast size, shape, skin structure, patient's complaints, age, marriage and whether they will have children are evaluated.

A Comfortable Process is Passed

breast reduction before and after“The patient is informed in detail about the surgery scar, nipple sensitivity, breastfeeding, type of anesthesia and surgery.

In the surgery, the larger breast tissue is reshaped according to the body size of the person. Excess breast tissue and the overlying skin layer are removed.

The procedure, performed under general anesthesia, takes about 3-4 hours.

A self-melting hidden suture is applied and these scars fade over time. There may be limited arm movements in the process, which is very painful after the surgery.

A dressing similar to underwear is applied over the breast. Usually, small pipes called drains are placed in both breasts and these are removed after 2-3 days.

A separate dressing is applied on the nipple. The stitches are usually hidden and not removed.”

Don't Be Afraid Of Scars After Breast Reduction

good and permanent results“The patient uses sports underwear or a medical garments for 6-8 weeks. Problems such as swelling, numbness and bruising that can be seen in the early period after the surgery will disappear in a very short time.

No matter which method is used in the surgery, scars may remain around the nipple. Surgical scars have been minimized thanks to the surgical techniques applied recently.

The degree of postoperative scars depends on the size of the breast, the surgical method used and the scarring feature of the patient's skin.

Before the procedure, these details are communicated to the patient in detail and necessary information is given about the surgical scar.”

You Will Get a Good and Permanent Result

results“Breast Reduction surgery is an operation that gives good and permanent results in general, makes the person feel good socially and psychologically, connects the patient to life and especially facilitates the dressing style of the woman.

After breast reduction and lift surgery, it is possible to get pregnant and breastfeeding function continues. But breastfeeding can be affected by reduction surgery.

The surgically shaped breast preserves its structure for a long time, but it is recommended that the patient be especially careful about weight changes in the postoperative period.

The person can return to work life one week after the surgery. However, it is recommended to stay away from heavy sports for a period of two months.

Written on 09/06/2022


Last Update: 09/06/2022

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