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Next Generation Formula: DNA Sparkling Youth Vaccine

Salmon DNA Serum

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Sule Guclu Sakrak, MD

Next Generation Formula: DNA Sparkling Youth Vaccine

Mesotherapy, whose history dates back to the early 1950s, is a cosmetic treatment that improves the quality of the skin.

Mesotherapy, which is performed by preparing various vitamins, amino acids and other support materials according to the needs of the skin and injecting them into the problem area, provides effective results.

Today, injections come up with many different names depending on their content. The name of the newest application that has been added to these names recently is DNA Sparkle.

We asked the details of this new treatment to Physician Sule Sakrak MD:
Sule Sakrak MD
“Each of the mesotherapy treatments basically serves as a youth vaccine because all of these cosmetic interventions support the skin against aging.

The youth vaccine, which can be applied at an early age, increases the moisture level of the skin and makes it look healthier.

We can consider this practice, which was made when we were young, as an investment in the future.

We Protect the Skin Before Signs Of Aging Begin

agingThe collagen level of the skin decreases over time, its elastic structure begins to deteriorate and its surface becomes dull due to external factors.

Effective treatments, which we call the youth vaccine, penetrate the lower layers of the skin, moisturize the skin and collect the enlarged pores.

In addition, it provides a lifting effect and alleviates the sagging appearance. In this way, the skin is rejuvenated.

Hyaluronic acid, which has a high moisturizing and regenerating effect, is the most important ingredient in all youth vaccines.”

DNA Flash in Condensed Gel Form

dna flash“DNA Sparkle is different from other youth vaccines in terms of content. The reason why the application is called DNA Sparkle is because it contains nucleotides found in DNA and RNA.

With the DNA Radiance in the form of a concentrated gel, a stimulating effect is created on the skin and the skin is provided to produce collagen.

In addition, thanks to the superior moisture retention feature of DNA particles, the lost moisture balance of the skin is restored. With its repairing effect, it significantly improves acne scars and sunspots on the skin.

DNA Radiance is injected into the skin with the help of tiny needles, like all other mesotherapy treatments.

After cleaning the application areas of our patients, we apply an anesthetic cream to the area and wait for the skin to become numb for a painless procedure.

Then we apply the DNA Radiance to the skin with the help of very thin needles, which we call ghost needles.”

Rejuvenating Skin in Just 3 Sessions

sessions“Our patients feel the moisture increase in their skin even after the first session is over. They report that they look different in the mirror. We apply two more sessions between 15-30 days.

The real change starts after these sessions are completed. As the skin's collagen production increases, the signs of aging gradually decrease over time. The skin is rejuvenated, looks more lively.

Since collagen is the most important protein that forms the skin, the skin becomes more beautiful as its production in the body increases.

From the 1st month following the end of the sessions, there is an improvement in the appearance of the person noticed by everyone.

If the person to whom we are applying the DNA Radiance is a young individual, a single session may be sufficient and the effect of the session starts earlier.”

Cosmetic Treatments Give Better Results on Quality Skin

skin“While the youth vaccine improves the quality of the skin, it also creates a solid foundation for other cosmetic treatments.

When you apply make-up, your make-up will look better if your skin's fullness and moisture level is good. On the contrary, if you have a dull and dry skin, the make-up will not stay on your face the way you want and will not be permanent.

When you want to have a filling, you will get more successful results on a quality skin. If your skin is smooth in general, all cosmetic treatments will give much better results.

For this reason, it is useful to have the mesotherapy treatments suitable for your skin at certain intervals.

DNA Radiance is a method whose effects are more pronounced as it supports the skin's collagen production. It has a higher recovery rate for skin damage.

Older people have more signs of aging on their faces. It is possible to erase these traces to a certain extent with DNA Radiance.

DNA Radiance is applied to the hands, neck and décolleté as well as the face. The risk of side effects is very low as it contains DNA particles in its components. With the successful invention of the cosmetic world, we can take the skin back in time.

If you want to increase the quality of your skin structure and gain a younger and more vibrant appearance, you can choose DNA Radiance among mesotherapy treatments

Written on 22/09/2022


Last Update: 22/09/2022

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