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Have You Heard Of Filler Without Filler?

Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Nedim Budakoglu, MD

Have You Heard Of Filler Without Filler?

Although beauty trends change every year, the desire to have a younger-looking skin texture never changes. Almost everyone desires to look younger and livelier than their chronological age. However, it is impossible to avoid these symptoms of the skin as you age.

The skin renews itself by resisting factors such as stress, environmental pollution and insomnia until a certain age. This age; 25-30 for women and 30-35 for men.
After this stage, the skin cannot fight with spots, lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity on its own. However, there is an effective treatment that stimulates the skin's self-fighting mechanism: Needle Shaping.
In recent years, especially in Europe, people have been avoiding aesthetic treatments made with surgical methods. For this reason, new treatments are developed in the light of technological developments. With many of these treatments, it is possible to perform many procedures in non-surgical conditions.
Needle Shaping is one of these technological treatments. This unique treatment; A new treatment method known as needle shaping for patients who are against the idea of ​​injecting any foreign substance into the body.

Dr. Nedim Budakoğlu answers the questions about the Needle Shaping treatment, which is an treatment that will stimulate the skin's self-healing mechanism with a non-surgical and non-filled procedure:
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What is Needle Shaping?

needle shapingUnder normal conditions, the skin has self-repairing systems. The skin repairs itself between the ages of 25 and 30 in women and between 30 and 35 in men. However, after this age, there is a decrease in the elastic fibers needed by the skin.
Different methods are used to replace them. One of these methods, filler treatment without filler; Acupuncture-thin needles are placed on any body point that needs filler and micro-galvanic currents are given to the skin through the Needle Shaping device.
Thanks to this current given by the treatment of unfilled filler, the elastic fibers are wrapped on the acupuncture needles and with a small displacement, the skin's own healing mechanism is stimulated naturally.

How to Perform Needle Shaping?

perform neddle shapingAcupuncture needles are placed in areas where the volume is lost, where the filler will perhaps be used to lift the tissue, and a small electrical current is passed through the needles.

This stimulates the activity of the cells in the area to produce new connective tissue, namely collagen and elastin.
Needle Shaping is a technique that naturally stimulates new tissue in the skin, increases volume, strengthens collagen and elastin fibers and provides a lifting effect without any artificial fillers.
With the use of acupuncture needles and a mild electric/galvanic mixed current, this technique differs from other skin stimulating aesthetic treatments currently available.
After the acupuncture needles are skillfully inserted, a gentle current programmed with basic parameters (pulse width and pulse repetition rate) stimulates the needles without any sensation, using the latest model of needle shaping technology.
Acupuncture needles are placed on the skin in unfilled filler. This then allows each needle to collect elastin and collagen fibers and organize natural threads that lift, restructure, and volumize the skin.
After the skin's own collagen sling is formed, traction is applied to the acupuncture needle, which activates the patient's own collagen fibers.

How Does Needle Shaping Work?

needle shaping workMicroscopic self-transplantation of dermal fibers by traction is accomplished using a specific extremely fine needle passed by microcurrents.
The doctor selects the desired traction line or the volume to be modeled and applies the needles to the cardinal points. The needle passed by the microcredits is rotated and the fibers are attached to it.
In this way, the fibers are pulled towards the insertion point. The thinned donor structures resume their initial volume over the next 28 days, while the reconstructed portion reaches its final volume after about 7 days for long-term preservation.
The biogeneration and stimulation of the fibers is achieved through mechanical and electrical stimulation, with a lifting and modeling effect as a result.

Results are visible immediately and will improve over time.

How Much Are Needle Shaping Prices?

needle shaping pricesPrices vary by region. Average session prices are between 1.000TL-1.200TL. The price range of the transaction; The center where you will have the procedure, the location of the center, the doctor's expertise, the area to be treated determines and usually 3-4 sessions are recommended every 2 - 4 weeks.

In Which Situations Is Needle Shaping Performed?

needle shaping before afterIt can stimulate the activity of fibroblast cells in the skin and deep tissues to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin tissue by placing small acupuncture needles on the skin in areas where volume is lost or small lines develop, then passing a micro electric current through the needles.
This actually has a volumizing effect without using fillers.

In Which Areas Is Needle Shaping Applied?

needle shaping appliedThis process It can be applied to any part of the body. With this process, the collagen tissue in any part of the body is replaced and the skin's self-renewal mechanism is activated.
The regions where the procedure can be applied are as follows:
·         Lines in the forehead
·         Lines in the eyebrow area
·         lifting
·         Wrinkles on the inner cheek
·         crow's feet
·         volumizing lips
·         Provide lip contour
·         Reducing acne and acne scars
·         Reduction of necklines
·         inner thighs
·         Any part of the body that is needed

How Many Needle Shaping Sessions Are?

Although it differs according to the skin structure of the person, 3 sessions once a month will be sufficient.

Is Needle Shaping Permanent?

needle shaping sessionsIt takes between 28 and 45 days for the body to regenerate a collagen sling. However, this period is directly proportional to the person's genetic structure, age and skin quality.
It is permanent for 2 to 5 years when the appropriate procedure is repeated. After the procedure, a natural result is obtained in the treated area and the permanence of the procedure is long.

Is Needle Shaping a Painful Treatment, Are There Any Side Effects?

needle shaping permanentThere is always a slight risk of bruising in all needle treatments, but this is a very rare condition. Here, the structure and sensitivity of the skin are the determining factors.
Local anesthesia is usually sufficient for this procedure. Even if it's not needed most of the time. In very special cases, the area to be treated is anesthetized with a special solution.
With this process, there is no foreign body reaction on the skin and no foreign substance is injected into the skin. It is a relatively painless method.

Other Information to Know About Needle Shaping

needle shaping effectsNeedle Shaping is an organic, fast and risk-free method that increases the effect of collagen suspension.
Needle Shaping is a new technology that emerged in Italy. It is a non-surgical skin tightening and stretching method used as part of the Organic Face Lift treatment.
It can be used to increase the volume of lips, cheekbones and sunken scars without injecting any substance or medication, without risk or unwanted side effects.
There is no age range for the method. It is inconvenient only for those who have a pacemaker, who are pregnant and who have chronic diseases.
With Needle Shaping, the area to be volumized without using any filler material is stimulated with small needles, such as acupuncture needles, and tissue transfer is provided from the surrounding areas.
In this way, the desired area is gained volume.

Written on 23/09/2021


Last Update: 18/08/2022

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