MeshFill, The Latest Trend in Non-Surgical Face Lift

Non-Surgical Face Lift

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Sevgi Ekiyor, MD

MeshFill, The Latest Trend in Non-Surgical Face Lift

Face lifting is one of the most talked about treatments of recent times and is one of the first treatments that come to mind when we say non-surgical facelift.

Medical Physician, whose name we often hear with the French ThreadLift, Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor now brings a new technique to these lifting methods: Mesh Fill:

“Mesh literally means “patch”. MeshFill, on the other hand, is a two-in-one combination of rope and filler.
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It is a 16-ply, lattice-shaped and soft rope that stretches into the tissue like a net and provides maximum effect with simultaneous treatment with hyaluronic acid.

We get great results, especially on the zygoma line, midface, chin contour, lip contour, those with deep depressions, nasolabial lines, deep forehead wrinkles, and cheeks.

Now, to explain a little more, there are many types, types of face lifting, MeshFill is one of them. There are also filler treatments, and if necessary, we give a contour to the face on which we make this lifting with fillers, by applying fillers.

As I have just mentioned, Meshfill has a hollow mechanism consisting of 16 layers of spiral medical thread. By adding very little filling from this gap when necessary, we can ensure that the treated area gains volume.

Both Lifting and Volume with Special Production Ropes

meshfillMeshFill, which has a hollow spiral structure made of cylindrical threads, has a very special production technology.

We can do lifting by placing the desired number of Meshfill threads all over our face and, if necessary, we can provide volume by filling the space inside.

Tom Cruise and The Overfilled Syndrome

tom cruiseNow, if we apply filler to certain areas of the face, we can experience the pillow face syndrome, which we call overfilled and which we observe in many celebrities.

Remember the face of Tom Cruise, which has been the subject of many tabloid news lately, this is exactly what I want to tell.

Unfortunately, the face of continuous filler treatment has such a dull appearance and this is a situation we do not want at all. Thanks to MeshFill, we can also prevent this syndrome.

Pay Attention To Facial Architecture

meshfillWe doctors now have many instruments in our hands, and we should never try to do everything with just one thing.

For example, if we want to raise the face a little bit, we must carefully analyze the facial architecture. As we get older, our fat has decreased, a little filler or autologous fat can be placed.

Again, time-dependent mineral, vitamin and college decreased in the skin. In this case, suitable mesotherapy options or stem cell treatment can be applied to the skin.

In summary, not a single treatment, but a combination of treatments created specifically for the needs will give the most accurate result.

Here is one of the treatments in Meshfill that helps us not to create this correct face architecture.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with MeshFill

meshfill for non surgical rhinoplastyIn surgical rhinoplasty, sometimes things go wrong, collapse problem, reverse V deformity can be experienced. Some patients do not want to have rhinoplasty because they are afraid of surgery.

MeshFill gives us a great advantage to be able to perform non-surgical rhinoplasty. With the MeshFill threads we apply to the nose, we can lift the tip of the nose if necessary, and fill the areas with collapse problems. “

Written on 13/04/2022


Last Update: 08/06/2022

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