LondonLovesBusiness: "How does Turkey attract hair transplant patients to the country?"

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Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

LondonLovesBusiness: “How Turkey attracts hair transplant patients to the country?”

LondonlovesBusiness is an online newspaper published for London's business world and it has recently published an article with a title: “How Turkey attracts hair transplant patients to the country?”

When we look at the content, it says that recently, Turkey has gradually become a center of medical tourism, and especially when you look at the before and after photos of hair transplantation, great things have been done. Then asks:

“But why is Turkey considered the destination for hair transplants and how does the country attract thousands of patients?”
saç ekim doktoruLondonlovesBusiness has explained why people prefer Turkey for hair transplantation as follows:

1. They are Cheap in General

saç ekim turizmi
In recent years, Turkey's tourism sector has not been very profitable in general due to COVID-19 restrictions and other reasons, and tourists do not flock to the country as before.

However, during this period, Turkey noticed an increasing number of Medical Tourists. Medical tourism can be the savior of the Turkish tourism industry as a whole.

The reason for this sudden increase in medical tourists in the country is mostly due to the cheaper but more effective hair transplants that Turkey offers compared to other countries.

The cost difference is also quite large, as the cost per graft is $1.07 lower than in the UK ($3.22).

Moreover, all travel, hotel and meal costs are quite low in Turkey compared to the USA or the UK. For example, a one-way trip from the UK to Istanbul costs only $150 on average, so a round trip is just $300 in total. 

On top of that, hotels and residences in Turkey are incredibly affordable, with an average of 80 USD per night in a regular hotel.

Therefore, even a 4-night stay would cost you only 320 USD.

2. Expertise of Hair Transplant Doctors

saç ekimi operasyonu
The rise of hair transplantation in Turkey is not only due to the affordable cost of the entire procedure, but also to the expertise of the surgeons who perform these procedures.

Recently, foreign specialist hair transplant surgeons have also been flocking to the country. So much so that the number of hair transplant specialists in Turkey is much higher than in other countries such as the UK or the USA.

The Turkish government also provides every incentive to persuade doctors to stay and practice their craft in their country.

As a result of these measures, the number of hair transplant clinics in Turkey has increased and there are currently 163 clinics that only perform hair transplants.

However, at the end of the article, LondonlovesBusiness could not pass without warning, they draw attention to those who want to have a hair transplant in Turkey, to those who write comments on the results of hair transplants with fake accounts due to competition in Turkey, and to centers that are not approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health even though they pretend to be hair transplant clinics.

Finally: “Therefore, be very careful when making an appointment with a clinic in Turkey and ask lots of questions.

However, if you consider a hair transplant in Turkey, the positive aspects far outweigh the negative aspects.”

Newlyme appreciates the LondonLovesBusiness portal for their review.

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Written on 03/11/2021


Last Update: 01/07/2022

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