15 Most Popular Hair Transplantation Centers and Hair Transplant Prices in Izmir 2023

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Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

15 Most Popular Hair Transplantation Centers and Hair Transplant Prices in İzmir 2023

We recommend that you read this article before having a hair transplant in Izmir.

You can find the hair transplant centers in İzmir, the techniques used and the most up-to-date hair transplant prices in this article.
1. Hair Transplant Prices in Izmir
2. Hair Transplantation Centers and Clinics Applying Hair Transplantation in İzmir

1. Hair Transplant Prices in Izmir

IzmirFirst of all, Izmir hair transplant prices are charged individually depending on the results of the personal consultation such as how many grafts will be transferred with the hair transplant surgery, and the width of the area to be transferred.

In addition to personal pricing, the largest share in this area belongs to the private clinic-hospital, the title of the doctor who will perform the hair transplant and the location of the clinic-hospital, namely the district in which it is located.

Most of the hair transplant clinics and hair transplant centers in İzmir are located in the Alsancak region. This affects pricing.

Izmir hair transplantation prices are made in a wide range of pricing depending on many criteria. In 2023, hair transplantation in İzmir is carried out with an average price range of 535 dolar to 2300 dolar

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In addition, prices vary according to the technique.
hair transplant

FUT hair transplantation in İzmir in 2023 İzmir prices are between 535 dolar and 2300 dolar Since it is an old technique, hair transplantation with the FUT technique is not preferred much in İzmir.

FUE hair transplantation is one of the most preferred techniques in Izmir. Prices are realized in the range of 500 dolar – 1500 dolar as of 2022.
DHI hair transplant İzmir prices are in the range of 500 dolar – 1500 dolar in 2023. This technique is applied in a limited number of hair transplant centers in Izmir.

2. Hair Transplantation Centers and Clinics Performing Hair Transplantation in İzmir

1. Dr. Sibel Ulusan / Medicalhair

Sibel Ulusan MDMedicalHair is owned by Dr. Sibel Ulusan, is one of the clinics serving in the field of hair transplant treatment in Izmir. For a personalized hair transplant plan, the hair of the person experiencing hair loss is primarily analyzed with advanced technology equipment.
Anatomical structure of the hair, hair loss patterns and blood tests are done to reach the detailed story of the person.
Sibel Ulusan MD
The doctor and her team prepare a personalized plan with various medicines, PRP package, laser treatment, lotion and closely follow the patient's process.

We share with you the patient's comment of our patient, who states how important the follow-up of the doctor is during the healing process and tells Newlyme that he is very satisfied with his clinic and doctor in this regard:

We are very lucky to have Dr. Sibel in Izmir.
Dr. Sibel Ulusan before after

2. Clinic Hair Transplantation Center

Clinic HairClinic Hair is one of the hair transplant centers located in İzmir Bayraklı. It is one of the centers that perform unshaven hair transplantation with the FUE method.

It is important to perform this surgery in a hospital environment, as hygiene is one of the most important things about hair transplantation.

Prices at Clinic Hair are charged between 900 dolar and 2300 dolar as of 2023.

3. Private MediSistem Polyclinic

MedisistemThe basic principle of Private MediSistem Polyclinic is; It is primarily to approach the patients by doing research, that is, to find the cause of hair loss.
Then, according to the cause, an appropriate treatment is carried out. If necessary, hair transplantation treatment is performed with the FUE technique.

4. Clinic Baytekin

Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon Caghan Baytekin MD provides services not only for hair transplantation but also for total hair problems.

In his clinic located in İzmir Alsancak region, there are women's hair transplantation, men's hair transplantation, hair loss problems, micro FUE, FUT hair transplantation, beard and eyebrow transplantation treatments.
Caghan BaytekinAttending initial and advanced courses at ESI European Surgical Ins. Norderstedt-Germany and Şişli Etfal Hospital for the purpose of microsurgery training, Dr. Baytekin successfully performs hair transplantation, which is a micro-surgical treatment, within his expertise.

5. Novar Polyclinic

With the motto of Trust, Quality and Hygiene, Novar Polyclinic provides service at 5 different points in Konak district of Izmir.

Using the latest technology FUE-DHI techniques in hair transplantation, Novar also performs treatment on beard transplantation.
Hair and beard transplantation, which is carried out under the supervision of specialist doctors, is carried out in accordance with the number of grafts determined after a special hair analysis for each patient undergoing treatment.

6. Ento Hair Transplant Center

Operating in Izmir since 2001, it has been serving in the field of plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, and hair transplantation. It treats its patients with an expert staff and advanced technology devices.

Although it differs from person to person, hair transplantation is performed between 2000 and 5000 grafts.

Ento Hair Transplant

7. Ata Health Hospital

Ata Health Hospital, which first set out with the mission of health, performs hair transplantation in its campus in Bornova, Izmir.

Adopting personalized hair transplantation, Ata Health has helped more than 5000 people in their hair transplantation processes to date.
Ata Health, which offers different hair transplantation techniques and different hair loss treatments for people who want to have natural looking hair, performs applications under the control of a doctor.

8. Ekol Hospital

Ekol Hospital Hair Transplant Clinic provides service in Çiğli, İzmir. Based on the motto of painless sterile hair transplantation, Ekol Hair Transplantation Clinic offers a lifetime guarantee.
Ekol Hair Transplantation Clinic, which has hair transplantation experience to more than 70,000 people from 56 different countries of the world, performs FUE, Comfort FUE, mustache, eyebrow, beard and unshaven hair transplantation treatments.

9. Private Gazi Hospital

Private Gazi Hospital is one of the centers that perform hair transplantation with the FUE method in Izmir Konak.

Established under the name of "Private Gazi Hospital Hair Transplantation Center", the center affiliated to Private Gazi Hospital has been in service since 2010.

With a patient satisfaction rate of around 70%, the center serves both domestic and international patients.

Hair transplant prices at Private Gazi Hospital are charged individually at the end of the personal consultation

10. Private Lycia Hair Transplantation Center

Private Lycia Polyclinic, which is frequently mentioned among hair transplant İzmir recommendations, is located in İzmir Alsancak.

Private Lycia Polyclinic Private Lycia Polyclinic, which performs Hair Transplantation in Izmir, is one of the organizations that adopt the FUE method.

11. Natural Hair Transplantation Center

It is possible to have beautiful, healthy and well-groomed hair in the Center where you can get all kinds of information about hair loss, hair care, hair transplant and baldness at the Natural Hair Transplantation Center.

When you share photos of your hair taken from different angles via WhatsApp, you can easily get the necessary answers from specialist doctors.

In addition to the FUE technique, the DHI hair transplantation technique can also be applied. The appropriate method when you share your photo, they can support you with e price.

In the Naturel Hair Transplantation Center, which performs hair transplant surgery in contracted hospitals by "Plastic Surgeons and Health Teams", prices starting from 450 dolar -700 dolar in 2022 for FUE technique and from 500 dolar for DHI technique are determined as a result of personal consultation.

12. Route Hair Transplantation Center

Rota Hair Transplantation Center is one of the centers that performs both international and national hair transplantation.
Rotalife, which has a chain clinic in Istanbul and Antalya outside of Izmir, is one of the institutions that can transplant with both FUT and FUE techniques.
Hair transplantation with the FUE technique is mostly preferred in the center. This means that unshaven hair transplant surgery can be performed.

13. Deniz Hair Transplant

Deniz Hair Transplantation is one of the centers that have been performing hair transplantation with FUT and FUE hair transplantation techniques in İzmir, within the body of Deniz Medicne Center since 2000s.
Deniz Hair Transplantation, which also has a branch in Istanbul, is located in Karşıyaka. It is one of the preferred clinical names with a satisfaction rate of up to 60% in Hair Transplantation İzmir comments.

14. Shora Hair Transplantation Center

Shora Hair Transplantation Center, which serves both domestic and international patients, is located in Izmir. Prices are charged individually at the end of the personal examination.
Shora Hair Transplantation Center is located in İzmir Hatay and is one of the addresses that performs hair transplantation with the FUE method in İzmir.

15. Medical Park Hair Transplantation Center

Medical Park Hair Transplantation Center İzmir provides service to everyone with hair loss problem, both male and female, with the FUE method. It is another address for hair transplantation in Karşıyaka, İzmir.

Medical Park Hair Transplantation Center also uses the most commonly applied methods.

In the FUE method, this process is applied by taking the hair follicles from the back of the head or by taking a tissue strip with the FUE method, which is another method.

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