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I've Grown Up Now! Can I Fixed My Nose?


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Mehmet Oztan, MD

I've Grown Up Now! Can I Fixed My Nose?

Am I too young for rhinoplasty? At the beginning of those who constantly ask this question are young patients who complain about a visual or health problem in their nose.

“What is the right age for rhinoplasty?” Plastic Surgeon Mehmet Oztan MD answers:
Mehmet Oztan MD
“No matter your age, nationality or what lifestyle you have, rhinoplasty is one of the most desired plastic surgery procedures.
But as you said, "Is there such a thing as being too young or too old for rhinoplasty?" The question always comes up and we try to explain it.
I would like to convey to you the ideal age for rhinoplasty and the recovery and risks of rhinoplasty procedures at different ages.
You can check our page for more information about it.

Ideal Age Range for Nose Job

nose job“Although there is no exact age for rhinoplasty, 18-40 years of age can be considered an ideal range.
Why do we say this age as ideal because this age range is a period when the skin is developed physically and maturely and the skin is still young and maintains its elasticity.
Skin elasticity in this range facilitates nose modification and healing, while minimizing the risk of complications.
While this age range is ideal, people who are older or younger can still be great candidates for this procedure, we just need to consider additional considerations.

How Young Should We Be for Nose Job?

rhinoplastyThe main limiting factor among young people considering rhinoplasty is not age, but the full adult size of the nose. We can get the best rhinoplasty results with a fully formed nose.
If an adult nose does not have a patient, or if less than 90% improvement is achieved, it will not be right to touch this nose. Because as the development continues, the existing nose starts to deteriorate.
Girls tend to develop slightly faster than boys, so they can get rhinoplasty at a younger age than boys. Therefore, it is recommended for a girl to turn 15-16 years old for rhinoplasty.
For men, we want this age to be 17-18. The exact correct age still varies from one person to another, regardless of gender. We can only detect this during inspection.
Nose formation is not the only thing to consider in teenagers. It is also important to consider the maturity of the individual.
They will experience a significant change and should be examined whether they are emotionally mature to deal with it.

Am I Too Old for Nose Job?

old for nose jobMost of my rhinoplasty patients over the age of 40 state that they have been considering this procedure for years, but do not dare.
There is no upper age limit for this procedure, but it is important to understand that approach and results may be affected.
It should be noted that the recovery time is usually longer for older patients. The cuts do not heal that quickly, the edema goes down later and the skin has difficulty renewing itself.
All of these factors affect not only your recovery but also your results.
In addition, the risk of anesthesia increases as you get older. Our bodies, the drugs we take, and our chronic diseases can expose us to a greater risk of anesthesia complications over time.
For some, this may be the limiting factor preventing them from having surgery, which means taking extra precautions for rhinoplasty.”

Written on 12/10/2021


Last Update: 19/08/2022

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