Did Deren Talu Have Plastic Surgery?

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Written by Selin Sezgin.

Did Deren Talu Have Plastic Surgery?

Sometimes famous moms pass down their stunning good looks to their kids. Defne Samyeli and her daughters Deren & Derin Talu is one of them, who looks more and more alike every single day.

But in this story there is one thing that takes attention; the daughters look like to their moms after plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures look.  

Although Defne Samyeli never confirmed that she had done cosmetic procedures, by looking before and after photos it is easy to say that she had botox, fillers, facelift, brow lift and design.

Besides all these, breast implant. Its reasonable that Defne Samyeli is working to turn back the clock and fight the aging process but its hard to understand why Deren Talu is trying to look like her mom in age 50's. 

Let's have a look how Deren Talu has changed by years... 

Deren Talu Rhinoplasty

deren talu rhinoplastyDeren Talu nose is definitely straighter than it was before. While we look at her bridge of the nose it is more prominent in her before photos and it has been made smaller than before.

In addition her nose tip have been made smaller, but not overly so, which is very important in rhinoplasty. It looks the size of the nostrils appears unchanged. 

Deren Talu Lip Enhancement

deren taluDeren Talu has beautiful facial features.  She looks like she had enhanced these features. To enhance the balance between her lips it seems she took the treatment “Bow and Arrow” lip enhancement technique. 

Deren Talu Lip Botox

Deren Talu Starting from 20s develop frown lines and forehead wrinkles that are etched into the skin even at rest. For this subset of people, a neuromodulator such as Botox can relax the line and prevent it from etching deeper.

Deren Talu is 25 Years old and her skin looks like 18's. So it is possible that she might had started botox treatments. 

Without any confirmation we can not definitely say that she has all these procedures but we also do not think the subtle changes to her face could only come from her diet and what she eats.  

Written on 09/08/2021


Last Update: 20/06/2022

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