Is The Tip or Piece of Your Tooth Broken or Chipped? What is The Cause and How Is It Treated?

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Baron Dental Clinic

Is The Tip or Piece Of Your Tooth Broken or Chipped? What is The Cause and How Is It Treated?

We know that our teeth are extremely strong. Many of us have seen the teeth, which remain intact even from BC, in museums. However, sometimes we can see that it is broken or even chipped.

We asked the Baron Dental Clinic about chipped and broken teeth and the treatment solutions:
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“Teeth can crack or break due to the many stresses and strains they have to endure.

Why Did a Piece Of My Tooth Break Off?

tooth breakAmong the causes of these cracking and breaking conditions, we can count the following:

• Eating something hard
• Post-accident facial trauma
• Damage caused by sports
• Untreated cavities
• Large amalgam fillings that damage the structure of the natural tooth

In particular, we can say that the untreated tooth has become brittle or cracked.

Why Does My Broken Tooth Not Hurt?

broken tooth not hurtThere is no rule that says broken teeth will cause immediate pain. If the fracture has reached the nerve, you may experience occasional discomfort while chewing and sensitivity to heat and cold.

Whether you have pain or not, it is necessary to have the necessary treatment to control the health and saturation of the tooth and to prevent further deterioration or problems.

In summary, we recommend that you do not wait for it to hurt.

Can a Broken Front Tooth Be Fixed?

can a broken front tooth be fixedSince teeth with small cracks or fractures on the edges do not cause any pain or problems in the first place, their treatment is always postponed.

However, your dentist can make a repair by softening the edge of this broken piece and placing a tooth-colored filling. This will prevent the rough edge from cutting into your lips or tongue.

What Happens If Half Of Your Tooth Breaks Off?

half of your tooth Severely broken teeth, whether anterior or posterior, may require complex treatments. A large gap can cause the rest to break as well and become extremely painful if left.

Dental cavities can also cause infections along the exposed gum line and root canal, nerves and connective tissue that we call pulp. In such cases, root canal treatment may be required.

Cracks and breaks can also expose your nerve endings, making teeth sensitive to hot and cold air and food.

Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary For a Broken Tooth?

canal treatmentRoot canal treatment is not always necessary for cracked and worn teeth. In the absence of pain or infection, the cracks can be filled and bonded with a special dental cement, while a broken tooth is fixed with a crown.

Crowns are also used as part of the treatment of other types of splits and fractures such as broken ends, split roots or vertical breaks, split molars, and as a precaution against further crack formation.

As a last resort, if your tooth has decayed from the inside out and is irreversibly broken, your dentist may recommend having your tooth extracted.

A cracked or broken tooth may go unnoticed or necessarily hurt, but just because it's not causing any problems doesn't mean you should ignore it.

Investigating any abnormality, no matter how small you think it is, is part of a good oral health routine. Infections can occur quickly, so you need to get the right treatment as soon as possible.

With regular checkups and meetings with your dentist, you can prevent fractures and cracks from becoming a problem.

What Are The Broken Tooth Treatment Options?

broken toothBroken tooth treatment requires different approaches depending on the severity of the damage present:

Filling- Bonding: If a small piece of enamel of your tooth is broken, this can be resolved with a filling treatment. If the Caspian has occurred especially in the anterior teeth, the bonding treatment will also provide an aesthetic stance.

No anesthesia is required in this treatment, which is applied as a tooth-colored composite resin.

Tooth Veneers: If one of the front teeth is broken or cracked, your dentist can make a veneer to make your teeth look healthy and flawless.

These thin-shell veneers, made of tooth-colored composite material or porcelain, are designed in the laboratory after the impression is taken.

Dental crown: If you have lost a significant part of your tooth, dental crowns can solve this problem. A portion of the remaining tooth is filed and can be covered with a specially designed crown to preserve its function and improve aesthetic appearance.

What Should Be Done If You Break Your Tooth?

break your toothIf you have a broken tooth, you can take these steps right before making an appointment with a dentist:

• Rinse the mouth out with warm and clean water
• Apply pressure to the bleeding areas using gauze or clean cotton.
• If there is swelling, put an ice pack on your cheek.
• If it is painful, you can use an over-the-counter pain reliever such as paracetamol.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Chipped Front Tooth?

how muchBroken tooth treatment price depends entirely on the method used and the damage to your tooth. While bonding is the cheapest option, if an implant is to be made, this will increase the costs. If we give a price range, it can range from 300 to 5000 dollars.

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Written on 17/03/2022


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