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Is The Crown Area Suitable For Hair Transplantation?

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Emphair Hair Transplant

Is The Crown Area Suitable For Hair Transplantation?

When it comes to male pattern hair loss, we think of a receding hairline, opened forehead and temple area in the classical sense. What about the hill region?

Emphair Hair Transplantation Center explains how hair transplantation is done in this area, which is also known as the vertex or crown area:
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Frontal hair loss is seen in the mirror by the person as you have stated, but Vertex hair loss is understood by the comments made by others because we cannot focus on this part in the mirror. This can lead to great dissatisfaction.

Hair Transplant Planning For Vertex Hair Loss

vertex hair loss
Hair loss at the vertex progresses in a spiral. In this area where hair loss occurs, sowing should be done in a controlled manner and a spiral should be obtained without losing its natural shape.

The apex is a large area, which means lots of grafts. Now think about the way the hair is combed. When our hair is combed in front, the hair goes in the same direction and piles on top of each other.

This stacking effect does not occur at the apex, so the same number of grafts at the apex will not look as good as the anterior.

The number of grafts needed is more. It is more difficult to plan hair transplantation in the crown area and preserve the natural curl than the front part, and a specialized team is needed.

Therefore, for all these reasons, it is important to find an experienced center especially in vertex hair loss as it is more challenging than the front.

How Can I Have a Hair Transplant If I Have Both Front and Top Hair Loss?

We do not recommend performing the entire hair transplant procedure in one session. Our first plan is hair transplantation to the front part first, then to the crown area after 1 year. The front side should always be given priority and then the vertex area should be transitioned. The best grafts are used in the front, because remember, when people think of you, they imagine your face from the front. No attention is paid to the hill area. While the apex area is important to many patients, it's usually a less "cosmetically important" area when it comes to surgery. Compared to highly visible areas such as the hairline and anterior scalp, the crown area is not very noticeable in most normal scenarios.

How Much Donor Area Do You Have For Hair Transplantation?

donor areaThe donor area, that is, the area where the follicles are collected for hair transplantation, is not unlimited, it is finite.

This means that if a patient loses hair aggressively, they may not have enough lifetime grafts to cover their entire scalp.

When you are considering a crown hair transplant for a patient with a limited donor area, you should ask yourself the following question: what will I look like if I consume all my donor for crown hair transplantation and then my hair starts to fall out from the front?

So if your donor is limited it makes more sense to use it up front. This will look natural even if your crown area is completely thin.

Young Patients Beware

hair lossBefore considering Vertex hair transplantation, especially young patients should be examined more thoroughly.

Although the "bald spot" is psychologically difficult for a young man, anterior hair loss is more likely in younger patients with thinning in this area.

Young patients with aggressive hair loss and with a certain number of grafts need to act strategically and use grafts wisely.

Written on 10/05/2022


Last Update: 25/06/2022

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