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Is It Worth Having a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Hair Transplant

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Emphair Hair Transplant

Is It Worth Having a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

We answer immediately, of course it's worth it, but we say this not for Turkish patients, but for foreign patients because Turkey is in a different part of the world in terms of hair transplantation in every respect.

We do not go too far and ask our question to Emphair Hair Transplantation Center, which is an expert on the subject:
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“Absolutely worth it, as you say. Turkey is one of the most visited countries for hair transplantation. We can examine under different headings why the hair transplant patient came to Turkey for this procedure.

Latest Technology is Used in Turkey

hair transplant in turkeyIn your own country, there may be many specialist hair transplant surgeons who can practice hair transplants. However, it is necessary to question how closely they follow technology and techniques.

From robotics to sapphire blades, we use technologies that are not available in other countries. Instead of staying in your own country and having an ordinary hair transplant, it seems more logical to come to Turkey so that you can benefit from the latest developments in the procedure.

It is a Safe Place For Those Who Want Privacy

hair transplant patientOne of the biggest reasons why people have a hair transplant is to regain the self-confidence they lost when their hair started to fall out.

On the other hand, it's not bad to spend it in secrecy, at least in Turkey during the recovery period with crusting and red spots. During this time, you can visit Turkey and enjoy the historical texture of Istanbul.

Of Course, Costs are Also Important

hair transplant budgetHair transplant prices in Turkey tend to be cheaper than abroad, so many people choose to fly to Turkey for this.

However, the fact that it is cheaper does not mean that it is done with an untrained team or that the hospital is of poor quality. In fact, much higher than many standards abroad.

Due to the high number of hair transplant tourists coming to our country and this large number of people, the prices are decreasing.

You will probably find that surgeons are highly qualified and hospitals are in very good shape. However, there are government grants and rates that allow cost reduction, so hair transplant prices are much more affordable in Turkey than abroad.

Low Risk and Amazing Results

hair transplant resultsHair transplantation is a relatively low-risk procedure and can provide you with amazing results. If you are thinking of coming to Turkey, it would be useful to know about the complications that may occur, as well as the benefits that I mentioned from the beginning.

There is always the possibility that something could go wrong, especially with conditions like an infection, but with a well-trained surgeon the chances of this are minimal.

If you want a successful hair transplant, whether you have it done in Turkey or in your own country, you should definitely examine and question the clinic, center and doctor.

Package Deals Offer Very Attractive Options

man hair transplantWe can offer you your flight, hotel and travel as one package deal. This makes your stay a lot easier, you don't have to plan anything yourself. You will be met at the airport.

Your transfers to your hotel and from there to the hospital are also made within the scope of hair transplant opportunity packages.”

Written on 28/07/2022


Last Update: 28/07/2022

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