Is Hair Plugs Technique Still Used in Hair Transplantation?

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Emphair Hair Transplant

Is Hair Plugs Technique Still Used in Hair Transplantation?

If you are tired of hair loss and want to find a way to get rid of your thinning hair, you are lucky. Modern medicine offers you better options than ever before.

In fact, medical technology has advanced so much that we are not even familiar with current terminology. The hair transplantation technique, which we can translate into Turkish as hair plugs, appears on many foreign sites.

So what are these hair plugs? Emphair Hair Transplantation Center explained hair plugs hair transplantation to Newlyme:
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“ Hair plugs are used by New York Dermatologist Norman Orentreich in the 1950s. It is the first hair transplant procedure developed and applied

In fact, it forms the basis of today's hair transplant technology.

What are Hair Plugs?

hair plugThe term "hair plugs" is outdated in the medical world, but it is a phrase we sometimes hear, especially from our foreign patients.

It is the process of transplanting a small, round piece of scalp that has been removed or pierced from the back of your head to a hair-free area. Each piece contains up to 20 individual hairs.

Hair plugs caused a “fake” look due to their size and spacing. It looked like a hairpin. Yes, it is actually a form of hair transplantation.

However, when we talk about hair transplantation today, what we mean is a much more advanced procedure.

Today's hair transplant technology relies on removing individual follicles, also called follicular units, rather than removing up to 20 hair follicles en masse.

Gold Standard FUE in Hair Transplantation

fue in hair transplantAs you can imagine, the transplantation of these follicular units makes the newly planted hair look much smoother, allowing it to blend naturally and heal the donor area better.

Instead of the polka-dot appearance of a scalp where the hair plugs have been removed, the donor area of ​​a modern hair transplant patient cannot be distinguished from any other area of ​​the head in just one week.

The patient only needs to wait for the small red needle marks left behind by the sowing device to disappear. Hair transplantation performed by an experienced team looks completely natural.

Today, FUE is the gold standard for hair transplantation. with FUE;

  • faster recovery

  • Less pain and scarring

  • Also effective for people with low hair density

  • We can get results.

Written on 23/11/2021


Last Update: 08/08/2022

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