How To Apply V Shaping Facial Lift?


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Gokce Haspolat, MD

How To Apply V Shaping Facial Lift?

Are you aware that as time passed, our face started to leave the V shape and take a U shape. The biggest reason for this is getting old.

However, when we look at the researches, V-shaped facial features make them look very attractive and younger. So, can we regain this V shape without surgery?

Physician Gokce Haspolat MD V tells about V Shape facial lift.
Gokce Haspolat
“A V-shaped face is a desirable facial hormone. A thin, oval face that narrows towards a sharp chin with a thin chin line.

Non-Surgical V Shape Treatment Makes You Look Younger

v shapeYou can achieve this V-shaped face by using Botox, hyaluronic acid filler injections and 6D Star thead lift methods, and yes, without surgery.

  • Chin and jawline more prominent

  • Face shape is oval, thin and sharp

  • The proportions of the face are more balanced

  • Chin more feminine

  • Asymmetry towards the chin

  • Defined cheeks with a thinner jawline

  • Face contour

  • Non-surgical face lift with 6 D Star thread lift

We can achieve all these with 3 different treatments. Botox is injected into the jawline, upper face area.

Botox injections are typically considered an anti-wrinkle treatment, but the benefits of this drug are much more advanced.

When masseter is injected into the chin muscle, it also effectively thins the lower face, creating a smoother contour up to the chin.

Hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the chin and cheekbones for a sharper, firmer and more prominent appearance.

6D Star Thread Lift  To Reposition Skin and Tissue on the Lower Face

v shapeWe use the thread lift method to remove sagging and sagging in the lower part of the face that cause concern. This is where the 6D Star can come in quite handy.

This minimally invasive procedure uses threads to reposition skin and tissue on the lower face. Contributes to the v-shape patients want.

At the same time, these threads add immediate support to the dermal structure, triggering collagen production to emphasize and prolong positive results.

Although there is a slight swelling after the procedure, it goes away in a few days.”

Written on 09/03/2022


Last Update: 13/10/2022

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