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How Soon Can You Exercise After a Nose Job?


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Okan Parmaksiz, MD

How Soon Can You Exercise After a Nose Job?

After rhinoplasty, you can see that your recovery process is faster and easier than you expected. You may feel well enough to want to return to the sport briefly, to fast, active movement, cardio, or even weightlifting.

Great news, isn't it? While it's great that you feel it, your body probably isn't up to the task yet. ENT Specialist Okan Parmaksiz MD replies:
Okan Parmaksiz MD whatsapp“Many rhinoplasty patients want to resume their normal activities as soon as possible after surgery. But sports will affect your recovery process, which must continue quickly, safely and effectively.

After any surgery, your body works hard to repair itself and needs rest, appropriate fluids, and nutritious foods to quickly recover. During the healing process, your body puts its energy into healing, regenerating and rebuilding the painful and swollen area in front of your eyes.

It's actually the same thing that happens with your nose, the tissues have just come out of surgery, need time to heal, and are still prone to bleeding at this point.

Light and Brisk Walking is Good

walkingExercising immediately after rhinoplasty will hinder proper healing. In this process, the nose will need nutrients that are better allocated.

Remember, muscles grow after exercise, not during exercise. Intense cardio also raises your heart rate and blood pressure and can cause nosebleeds, bruises, and post-operative complications. Therefore, avoid doing any exercise other than light and brisk walking.

Patients also worry about whether exercise will affect their appearance during the recovery period. After the surgery, the swelling goes away slowly and steadily.

Exercise increases blood flow to the nose and often triggers edema.

How Long Should I Wait?

rhinoplastyIt takes about six weeks for your nose structures to fully fuse together, so you can resume a normal exercise routine after this time. 3 to 4 weeks after your rhinoplasty, you can gradually begin light, non-contact exercises such as swimming and road cycling.

Start slow and be careful with activities that require a lot of movement or jumping, such as high-impact aerobics or jumping rope. Running should be avoided during this initial 3 to 4 week phase.

Do not try to run the distance you ran before the surgery. Start with weights, a lower one, and listen to your body for the next few weeks.

Stop the exercise if you feel unwell or if you start to feel your nose throbbing. Your body is telling you to calm down. Also note that if you are taking pain medication, this warning sound is effectively silenced.

To Continue Contact Sports Such as Football

footballYou'll have to wait even longer to resume contact sports like football. You don't want to risk damaging your new nose, and being hit right after surgery can damage your nose and the appearance of your nose more dramatically than such a blow would normally, not to mention putting you at risk of serious injury.

Basketball, soccer, baseball, and other sports where you could potentially be hit by a ball or other person should be held for at least six weeks after the date of surgery.

If you play any sport, ask your surgeon to give you specific instructions for the recovery period. Protective clothing such as face shields and helmets may be recommended for a while.

Return To Your Life

relaxWhile it can be hard to hold back when you love to exercise, remember that this is only a temporary but very important break.

Allowing your body to heal after surgery and protecting your nose is worth it. It's also important to get plenty of rest, sleep, and stay hydrated.

Written on 10/08/2022


Last Update: 10/08/2022

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