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How Soon Can Revision Rhinoplasty be Done?

How Soon Can Revision Rhinoplasty be Done?

Rhinoplasty - known by many as a nose job - means redesigning the nose appropriately (for function and/or cosmetic reasons).

Revision rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is the operations that are applied/planned when the result of the previous operation is not satisfied, mostly to change the external appearance.

We know very well that deciding to have a revision nose job is a difficult process.

For this reason, when should revision nose jobs be done? “What should be considered?” We asked all questions to Cenk Teker MD:
Cenk Teker MD whatsapp“Revision rhinoplasty requires a serious knowledge of anatomy and expertise. Rhinoplasty or previous small local interventions may not have been performed properly or satisfactory results may not be obtained with an operation due to the characteristics of the structures/skin/subcutaneous tissues that make up the nose.

Some patients express that they do not like the result of rhinoplasty after a few months. Very rarely, they state that their problems continue or even worsen.

Others state that they do not like their noses in some aesthetic aspects, although they have passed the problems.

How Long Should It Take After the First Surgery for Revision Nose Job?

revision nose job

The answer to your question when revision rhinoplasy should be performed is hidden in these key sentences: “When did you have rhinoplasty?”

Because we can hear that the patient is impatient before the recovery period ends and is not satisfied with the result.

Please do not forget! Nose external region operation can reach its final result in an average of 9 months to 1 year.

Some patients may start to investigate and question direct revision rhinoplasty, even though it has been 1-2 months since the operation and they are still edematous. Unfortunately, this brings up a new problem, they are affected psychologically.

The patient, who says that he is not satisfied with the result even though it has been 1 month since the operation, goes to another doctor this time if the surgeon who performed the operation cannot convince him.

In the next process, when professional ethical rules are combined with details such as neglecting the healing process, the patient may become more aggrieved.

The patient should not be misled. For this reason, you should wait for the end of your recovery period for the decision of 'revision rhinoplasty'. This process, as I said, can take a year or sometimes more.

For example; nasal airway obstruction, cartilage or bone irregularity, unpleasant aesthetic appearance in the nose, slight depression in the inner and outer regions, asymmetry, insufficient height of the arch and ridge of the nose, incomplete shaping, excessive or insufficient nasal tip projection, excessively narrowed and compressed nose tip, excessive internal and external incision scars, etc. problems can occur very rarely; revision rhinoplasty surgery may be considered.

If you are experiencing these problems, I recommend that you discuss the issue in detail with your previous rhinoplasty surgeon and get his opinion, he will make the necessary medical or surgical treatment planning for you.

If necessary, you can also seek the opinion of another specialist.

Revision Rhinoplasty Techniques

revision rhinoplasty techniquesWhich technique will be used for your revision rhinoplasty operation, which of the closed or open approaches will be chosen, whether there will be a nasal tip revision or not will be decided by considering your current nose structure.

Typically, when major structural changes need to be made, an open approach may be preferred in rhinoplasty revision treatments.

In revision rhinoplasty, it is important to trust the predictions of the surgeon you choose and to act according to the surgeon's preference in the closed or open approach of revision rhinoplasty.

Be prepared, when the surgeon deems it necessary, he may need to take cartilage tissue from another area of ​​your body and use it in your nose, it should be discussed in the interview.

The recovery process of revision rhinoplasty is often close to primary rhinoplasty.

Whatever surgery you are having, always think well and be well. Never forget the contribution of this consciousness to the healing process”. 

Written on 25/08/2022


Last Update: 25/08/2022

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