How Does the Foreign Patient Research Hair Transplantation, What Do They Ask?

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Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

How Does the Foreign Patient Research Hair Transplantation, What Do They Ask?

Since the day we launched Newlyme, the global version of Newlyme, we have been encountering many questions about hair transplants from foreign patients.

So, we can assume that the most popular popular cosmetic surgery treatment for foreign patients is hair transplantation .

As an impartial aesthetic platform, we publish FAQs and hair transplant centers answer these questions.

Today, Newlyme, which is visited by an average of 7000 individuals from outside Turkey, is taking firm steps towards becoming a favorite of foreign patients who plan to have aesthetic treatment in Turkey, with its traffic growing day by day.
saç ekimi hastasıThe issues that foreign patients who ask questions about hair transplantation are most curious about are actually some of the issues that hair transplantation centers in our country should consider and work on.

Because the foreign patient has different worries and curiosities than the Turkish patient.

In hair transplant health tourism, where there is great competition, one of the most important factors for foreign patients to choose your hair transplant center is to be on neutral platforms such as Newlyme, which has many examples in the world.

The foreign patient does his research on Newlyme, asks his question, examines not only the answers given to him, but also the answers to other questions.

Foreign patient investigates how competent the hair transplant center is, looks at the before and after photos and makes the final decision based on price performance.

Now, to get to know the foreign patient a little better, we would like to take a look at the questions they asked:

What If I Experience Any Complications After Hair Transplantation?

saç ekimi komplikasyon
In such questions, we observe that the patient is confused about the complications that they may experience after returning to their country.

Do you inform your patients about the problems that may occur? Because everything unknown creates doubt at the end of the day and the patient gives up on choosing a cross-border country to have a hair transplant.

Who Will Do My Hair Transplant?

kim saç ekecek
Everyone knows that hair transplantation is team-work, but the patient must be informed about who the manager of this team is, the specialist who planned the organization, and who carried out the process throughout the entire transplantation.

It is best to emphasize the expertise of each of the team members considering that one person cannot do the whole planting.

How Much Will I Pay, Will I Encounter Surprise Costs?

fazladan ödeme
One of the most frequently asked questions by the cross-border patient is about the cost of a hair transplant and whether they will be paying any extras.

Airport transfer, accommodation, hotel-hospital transfer, hair transplant price, post-care costs should be explained pen-by-item and the patient should be relieved about payment.

How Many Days Do I Need to Stay in Turkey?

staying in turkey
Another question is about how many days they should stay in Turkey after the operation.

The purpose of the question is also related to the concern about how many days off work should be taken.

For this reason, a clear answer should be given to the patient to plan the return flight ticket.

You can check the other most frequently asked questions by foreign patients on our Q&A page.

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Written on 02/11/2021


Last Update: 01/07/2022

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