How Does Instagram Affect the Price of Treatments?

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

How Does Instagram Affect the Price of Treatments?

Generally speaking, inflation is a natural part of the economy.

As labor, real estate, and other operating costs rise, so do prices for just about everything from a carton of eggs to a bottle of sunscreen and yes, plastic surgery procedures.

Many plastic surgeons on Instagram post posts that are often so appealing that it's almost impossible to look elsewhere. Informative and almost mind-blowing before and after photos have some surgeons skyrocketing to legitimate celebrity status.

So What Affects The Prices Of Plastic Surgery Procedures?

instagramBefore we move on to how social media drives prices up, let's begin by explaining the standard factors that can cause the prices of a procedure to fluctuate.

One of the biggest of these factors is location. Large metropolitan areas have higher living costs, which will increase doctor expenses.

Beyond the costs of being in the big city, you'll see that this is reflected in plastic surgery bills, as the price of everything increases with inflation.

These are not unreasonable factors in changing prices and are often indicative of a skilled and reputable surgeon.

We learned this at Econ 101: When a good or service is set at a higher price, demand for it decreases. But the demand for plastic surgery never decreases.

In some cases, a high fee may not be an indication of high demand or popularity, but a marketing tactic designed to create intrigue or hype.

Is Such High Pricing Fair?

high pricing The concepts of fairness or worthiness are purely subjective when it comes to the prices of goods and services. And certainly, a doctor who offers high-quality work will charge more.

There are tons of plastic surgeons people can go to, but for those in a position to want the best for themselves, there is only one category.

While patients may think that many surgeons inflate their prices, we have to admit that talent is paramount.

It really is an art, and deep down we have to remember that they are honest, decent people and try to do their job well.

Social media has the ability to turn anyone into a celebrity. Doctors, on the other hand, work with celebrities and publish them.

As a result, social media patients' desire to be treated by a celebrity doctor raises prices because it is a matter of prestige for many patients.

Written on 18/05/2022


Last Update: 18/05/2022

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