How Do You Get Plastic Surgery Leads?

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

How Do You Get Plastic Surgery Leads?

According to the 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report of , the number of aesthetic treatments performed in 2020 was 15.6 million.

Of that, 6.8 million were reconstructive treatments, an increase of three percent over the previous year.

So what does this mean? Potential patients are here and we need to find them…

How Do We Collect Plastic Surgery Leads?

plastic surgery leadsYou need to combine these paid and organic, including paid social media advertising, blogging , email marketing, and content marketing, to get plastic surgery potential patients.

examine the pros and cons of creating organic and paid leads so that your plastic surgery clinic can attract more patients.

What is Lead in Plastic Surgery?

lead in plastic surgeryA potential patient is a potential customer that requires conversion on your part to entice them to buy.

Potential customers can come from any number of places, such as social media, your website, search engines, or advertisements.

At this stage, a lead doesn't know anything about you other than the name of your plastic surgery clinic and perhaps your general position.

In other words, he is unaware of the services you offer, the costs, and what kind of process awaits him in consulting with your team and planning the treatment.

The lead is at the beginning of the sales funnel. Because they currently know very little about your plastic surgery clinic, the lead can fall out of the funnel at any point. This could be for many reasons.

For example, when a lead researches your services, he may find that he needs something different. Perhaps the prices are not suitable for him.

The lead may suddenly decide that he does not want the treatment, but remember, he may realize that he wants it again later.

In some cases, things you do, or more specifically, don't do, can cause the lead to exit the sales funnel. According to the Persuade and Convert marketing resource, if you respond to a lead within five minutes, you'll be 21 steps ahead of those who hold 30 minutes.

Leads and Qualified Leads

leads and qualified leadsThe reason many marketers seek qualified leads is the unpredictability of regular leads.

A qualified plastic surgery lead is someone who did not come across your company by accident. By the time they reach your website or social media channels, the lead now knows the basics about you and is extremely relevant.

For example, he is aware of many of the services your plastic surgery clinic provides. It researched and found the information you posted online.

A qualified customer is ready to make a purchasing decision because of the wealth of information he or she has.

Some qualified leads make an immediate decision, while others need some nourishment to encourage that decision.

While you still need to engage with a qualified lead, they have a better chance of converting.

Paid or Organic – Which Is Better for Potential Customers?

potantial customersNow that you understand the basics of plastic surgery tips, it's time to explore how to get them. Your plastic surgery clinic has two paths to explore: the paid lead and the organic lead.

Paid lead generation measures will require a marketing budget. The money you can spend converting a lead – known as the cost per lead or CPL – assuming $162 per CPL.

If you have 50 leads, that means your plastic surgery clinic will spend $8,100 on lead generation. Remember that lead generation is not a one-time effort, it is an ongoing part of running your business and growing your customer base.

Organic leads , on the other hand, are less costly and sometimes even free, which makes it attractive. But what you save money on, you pay with time and effort.

Ideally, a combination of paid and organic lead generation will produce the best results. In this way, your plastic surgery clinic will not be too dependent on organic lead generation and at the same time, you will not consume your potential customer budget too quickly.

Paid Media

Advertising on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

1. Facebook and Instagram

facebook and instagramFacebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms to date, aside from both being owned by Facebook.

They're also highly recommended for commercial marketing, so we'll focus specifically on these two.

You have plenty of options, starting with Facebook. You can pay for Facebook Ads, run a contest, offer discounts or coupons, and showcase blog content in your plastic surgery Facebook feed.

If you don't already have a Facebook Business Page, create one now. You can add a call to action or CTA button with seven different options such as “Watch Video”, “Contact Us”, “Book Now” and “Sign Up”.

We also recommend using Facebook Tabs, which are more customizable than you initially realize. You can add tabs for events and photos, as well as custom tabs for lead generation forms, offers, and contests.

2. Google and YouTube

google and youtubeLet's talk about the social media channel that may one day surpass Facebook in popularity: YouTube . This video-centric social media platform is another must-have tool for finding plastic surgery tips.

YouTube? Sure, there are paid YouTube ads. You can also add your own videos to the platform. Be sure to also respond to comments you receive on your videos.

But what about the Google search engine? The best way to find plastic surgery leads through Google is to pay for Google Ads.

Ads can appear in search engine results, in a user's Gmail account, and on other Google platforms for extensive advertising.

You can link your Google Ad to landing pages on your website so users are directed directly to the information they are looking for, not to a random homepage or related page.

Organic Media

It's time for organic lead production. You have many options at your disposal. Let's start:

1. Website Traffic

website trafficYour website should be one of your main ways to convert plastic surgery leads, but that means you need to generate website traffic first.

While there are almost endless ways to increase traffic to your site , the two preferred organic methods are blogging or SEO.

2. Content Marketing

contentThe next organic plastic surgery lead tactic is content marketing. The rule that content is king still applies, but you must use a broad content definition.

Everything from video to text to photos and audio counts as content today.

A. Social Media

social mediaSocial media is a great place to post the entire nature of content, especially videos.

Lemonlight found that most viewers — 95 percent — better understand messages by watching content rather than interacting with it in other ways.

YouTube is the most well-known video social media platform, other social media sites also have video features. You can upload small clips to Instagram , post videos on Facebook or share videos on various social media platforms via live streams or stories.

LinkedIn, Facebook, which are still highly recommended for text sharing . If your content is more visual but not video, use Twitter , Instagram or Pinterest.

B. Email Marketing

emailThe second possibility of content marketing for plastic surgery leads is email marketing. As leads sign up for your email list, you engage them with content.

This content can range from special offers and discounts to birthday and holiday greetings, special news and newsletters.

C. Podcasts

podcastPodcasts are on the rise and the uptrend shows no signs of stopping. Instead of writing a white paper or a multi-part blog post on a topic, why not record it in audio format?

Written on 23/03/2022


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