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How Beneficial is Sapphire Percutaneous Hair Transplantation?

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Emphair Hair Transplant

How Beneficial is Sapphire Percutaneous Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss, sparse and lifeless hair often affects our social life. Although hair is considered as an important accessory especially for women, this is no different for men.

Because men feel hair loss and baldness as a sign of old age. We think that this is the biggest effect underlying the fact that hair transplantation is such a popular treatment.

Hair Transplantation is one of the most popular options in hair transplantation, where we constantly hear about new techniques.

Emphair Hair Transplant Center explains the details of this technique, also known as Sapphire Percutaneous hair transplantation:
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“When we look at hair transplantation techniques, we see that there are many options today. FUE, Sapphire Percutaneous FUE and DHI are classical hair transplantation techniques and are among the most preferred.

Saphire Percutaneous FUE, on the other hand, can be said to be one of the most reliable methods in hair transplantation.

As you said, this technique is also known as Sapphire FUE hair transplantation. It is also used in beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation.

The fact that it is more comfortable for the patient, shorter recovery time and more flexible area to guide the hairs has made the technique much more popular.

We Achieved More Natural Results

natural hair transplantThe meaning of the word “percutaneous” can be defined as “intradermal application”. Percutaneous is already frequently used in the surgical treatment of various disorders. Surgeons can reach some organs through small channels under the skin.

With the same logic as the study conducted in Korea 6 years ago, it was understood that hair transplantation could be done by opening channels under the skin and more natural results could be obtained, and then this technique developed rapidly.

The percutaneous technique has become the most preferred technique in recent years to easily achieve fuller hair. Generally, the process starts with the hair follicles taken from the neck of the person.

With the help of special needle devices made of real sapphire, the hair is placed in the three-dimensional channels opened in the area to be transplanted.

The process takes about 5-7 hours. After the third month of October, new hair starts to grow.

Why is Called Sapphire FUE?

sapphire fueIt has similarities with the FUE technique. Since the grooving tip is made of sapphire crystals, it is also called sapphire FUE or called Percutaneous hair transplantation.

In summary, they are all the same application. There are some advantages and disadvantages to using the Sapphire Percutaneous technique.

What are the Advantages of Sapphire Percutaneous Hair Transplantation?

sapphire percutaneous hair transplantToday, this method is a highly preferred and successful technique. The method is used in beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation as well as in hair transplantation.

However, the most common use is hair transplantation. The advantages of percutaneous hair transplantation can be summarized as follows:

  • It is easier to angle hairs and the result is more natural.

  • In this technique, small channels of the same size as the hair are used, thus increasing the number of channels opened and twice as dense hair is obtained in the transplantation process.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Sapphire Percutaneous Technique?

disadvantages of sapphire percutaneous techniqueThe main disadvantage of this technique is its price.

The fact that it requires much more expertise, the number of hair specialists who apply this technique is low, and the technique is very laborious for the specialist who performs the procedure, has caused its price to be higher than other techniques. In addition, the surgical blades used are very expensive.

What are the Differences Between Other Hair Transplant Techniques and Percutaneous Technique?

hair transplant techniquesThe biggest difference of this technique from classical hair transplantation methods is that it is made by opening 3D incisions.

Thus, it opens a smoother channel and wounds heal quickly, providing a suitable ground for hair growth. In addition to opening channels, hair follicles are taken and placed in the opened channels, as in other transplantation applications.

In FUE, the hair follicles to be placed in the bald area are planted with straight incisions in the slits of the canals, while in the Percutaneous technique, they are planted in round incisions due to the special shape of the needle.

Studies show that the percutaneous technique is more positive in some ways. These can be listed as follows:

  • Faster healing process as the sapphire blades used are biocompatible.

  • A more natural appearance as the smaller hole openings and the rounded structure of the holes are more suitable for the growth of hair follicles.

Written on 05/08/2022


Last Update: 05/08/2022

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