How About Visualizing Your Skin?


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Berna Baygol, MD

How About Visualizing Your Skin?

Even though this year is a little spoiled, the summer has arrived. So how is your skin condition? If you say that your skin is dull, pale and shining all winter, we have good news for you.

Aquashine BTX, which is also a new generation youth potion,! This wonderful treatment of Physician Berna Baygol MD tells:
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“Just as you said, Aquashine BTX is an innovative product for skin treatment and offers comprehensive solutions in anti -aging therapy.

We apply through injection, actively warns cell renewal, improves the structure of the skin.

Aquashine is Also Said as Aquashine Botox

aquashine botoxLet's look at its structure to understand this product, which is also aquashine Botox. The peptide complex stabilizes muscle activity in the skin, loosening facial muscles to smooth the skin.

The hyaluronic acid contained in Aquashine BTX depths the skin in depth and prolongs its effects by supporting the ability of peptides to penetrate.

It is Actually a Kind of Mesotherapy Product

mesotherapyPreparat is applied in the form of classic mesotherapy, and in fact, if we say a kind of mesotherapy product, it would not be a faulty expression.

Before treatment, the skin is anesthetized with anesthetic cream. Light swelling may occur immediately after the procedure and small bruises may occur on the skin.

These symptoms disappear within a few days.

Immediate Change After The First Treatment

skin2 treatment is recommended at 2-3 weeks apart. After the first treatment, the skin becomes visibly smooth and regains its brightness.

The next treatment strengthens the effect of the peptide complex, causing the visibly reduction of wrinkles and increasing elasticity.

Aquashine BTX's Advantages

aquashine botox before after• Looses muscle fibers in the skin and mimics muscle fibers that are integrated into the skin
• Regeneration and renewal. It improves the structure and intensity of the skin thanks to the active renewal of stimulating peptides and the skin filling the intercoller space,
• Revitalization. A product that allows the skin to be rapidly moisturizing, supports the slow release and penetration ability of peptides and extends its effects.


Written on 20/05/2022


Last Update: 29/06/2022

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