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Health Tourism in Germany

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Health Tourism in Germany

Germany is not only the center of Europe, which is famous for its endless green forests, cultural heritage, and nostalgic with its existing architecture, but also one of the most important destinations for health tourism.

When comparing the best healthcare systems in the world, Germany ranks fourth today. The country is considered "Europe's Hospital" due to its modern facilities and highly trained medical doctors. german doctor German healthcare is gaining worldwide acceptance due to its government-subsidized insurance plans. This means that all German citizens, except high-income and self-employed people, are covered by public health insurance.

The German healthcare system is not managed by the government. Several self-governing organizations, including regional associations, consisting of staff and private medical facilities funded by insurance premium plans.

This clever management approach has resulted in having facilities that offer the highest quality services throughout the country, including in rural areas.

Germany is proud to have 2,000 hospitals, 37 of which are universities. The country has twice as many hospitals per 1,000 citizens as the United States, and these medical facilities treat twice as many patients per capita than hospitals in the United States.

Medical Tourism and Figures in Germany

medical tourismMedical tourism in Germany is actively promoted by the German Tourist Board, and hospital institutions across the country are encouraged to develop attractive programs for tourists.

2010 was reported as a very productive year in terms of medical tourism in Germany and this figure continued to increase every year. According to a survey by the German Tourist Board, the number of healthcare travelers rose from 172,341 in 2009 to 242,784 in 2013.

This includes those traveling to Germany for treatment but also troubled travelers and immigrants who were in Germany at the time.

Travel experts predict a 40% growth in medical tourism in Germany over the next 20 years due to lifestyle and demographic changes. International patients come from 178 different countries, but the largest patient inflow comes from Russia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

The region has succeeded in making a place for itself in the health sector. The perception that the most advanced care for gynecological, urological, and oncological diseases is done in Germany is huge.

Germany's medical professionals have many years of experience in gastroenterology, prosthetics, cardiology, in vitro fertilization, and aesthetic surgery, which is part of Newlyme's field.

If we take a look at the world-renowned health units:

germany flag and stethoscope Carl Gustav Carus University in Dresden is one of the best diabetes care centers in the world.

The German Heart Center Munich, the Neurosurgery Clinic in Nuremberg, the Technical University of Munich famous for its breast cancer treatment facility, the University Clinic Dusseldorf specializing in the treatment of lung cancer and gastrointestinal cancer are just some of the best facilities to treat patients in Germany.

Doctors in all specialties are highly trained and go through a detailed and lengthy accreditation process before starting practice. For example, a plastic surgeon completes six years of medical school and then spends an extra six years of residency before he can get a full license.

During this time, the surgeon has to perform a large number of procedures and operations under the supervision of a consultant surgeon, and only when he successfully performs an approved number of procedures can he become a plastic surgeon.

Finally, the German healthcare system offers an economical alternative to medical tourists, especially those from countries where healthcare is very expensive.

Compared to the USA, medical treatment in Germany is almost 50 percent lower and the quality of care is on par, if not better than in most other parts of the world. Also, as in most other European countries, there is no problem with long waiting lists in Germany.

With numerous well-equipped and well-staffed medical facilities, patients can be treated quickly and efficiently in the best possible places, at the most economical prices.

The quality of post-operative care in Germany is also very good, patient follow-up is done well and completely, and this whole process is controlled at the same time.


doctor with germany flagOverall, it is clear that the German healthcare system consists of highly trained professionals and high-standard medical facilities.

These facilities are reinvigorating medical tourism in Germany by offering medical tourists access to state-of-the-art treatment options, low waiting times, cost-effective services, and versatile rehabilitation and aftercare treatment.

“Europe's Hospital” is indeed an attractive destination for health tourists.

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Written on 25/02/2021


Last Update: 01/07/2022

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