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Hair Transplantation Complaints Should Be Considered and Resolved

Hair Transplant

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Emphair Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation Complaints Should Be Considered and Resolved

Are you a victim of careless hair transplant?

This is unfortunately due to the fact that some of the hair transplantation centers that perform this application, which takes a minimum of 5-6 hours, do not correctly perform the hair transplantation, which is the most effective solution to the problem of male pattern hair loss.

There are many centers that do this treatment without adequate training in the field of hair transplantation. We are discussing the hair transplant complaints that we receive increasing day by day.

Emphair Hair Transplantation Center, which made a statement to Newlyme on the subject, emphasizes that they take precautions before hair transplantation complaints occur:
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Hair transplantation is an treatment performed in more than 3000 registered centers in our country today. Which of these hair transplant centers to trust and which one to decide to apply based on their promises depends entirely on the research done by the patient.

Every Negativity is Reflected in the Digital Environment

hair transplant reviewWe frequently hear that patients examine the comments and complaints of patients who have previously had hair transplantation at the center they consider while doing their research.

We live in a digital age and almost everyone expresses their negative situation candidly.

The approach of a hair transplant center that has received a hair transplant complaint is very important. After all, this is a microsurgical procedure and as with any surgery, hair transplantation can have complications.

The Patient Must Also Follow The Instructions

follow the instructionsWe can observe that the results of hair transplantation are affected due to the patient's failure to comply with the post-process instructions, as well as the errors that may develop depending on the hair transplantation center.

As Emphair Hair Transplantation Center, we are in constant communication with our patients. Communication is very important, and after a while we can say that we are like a family.

Our primary mission is to listen to their requests and complaints.

We are in Contact for 12 Months

contactAfter the hair transplantation, we contact our patients again and again every month for 12 months and evaluate the photos they send to ensure that the results of the hair transplantation go much better and as we planned.

In fact, the promises you make to the patient before the hair transplant are a part of this job as well as focusing on the post-hair transplant.

For example, even if 5000 grafts can be transplanted to the patient, we inform that at least 3000 grafts are transplanted because the donor area is not very clear from the photographs, and we strive to reach the maximum number during the treatment.

In other words, we aim to prevent unplanned situations that may occur during hair transplantation by always giving the patient the minimum number of grafts.

In this state, our patient always leaves our center with much more grafts transplanted and happy with the result.

We Do Not Put Our Patients in a Difficult Situation

emphair before and afterHair transplant patients always want all open areas to be closed in 1 session.

If this is possible, the patient is definitely told, but if the opposite is the case, we definitely do not put our patient in a difficult situation with this promise and we say it openly.

Here is the whole problem, all hair transplant complaints start here. The patient wants what is said to be done. In the opposite case, he rightfully complains.

Being in constant communication and not leaving the patient alone in case of any complications is a must-do service.”

Written on 21/09/2022


Last Update: 21/09/2022

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