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Everything About Compression Garments Use After Surgery


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Clinic Arts

Everything About Compression Garments Use After Surgery

After plastic surgery, there is nothing more beautiful than a comfortable pajama set, lying on the sofa and following social media.

But we have news for you, most of the time the recovery period does not go exactly as we described. Because, after all, this is a recovery period and you need to recover quickly and get involved in social and business life.

Especially if you have had liposuction or any aesthetic treatment that includes lipo, there will be a surprise waiting for you under your pajamas.

Surgical compression garments are medical garments that will accompany you during the recovery period. There are great benefits to your wearing.

Here is everything you need to know about post-operative compression garments in this article!

What are Surgical Compression Garments?

garmentPlastic Surgeon Metin Kerem MD "Compression garments are tight and elastic garments worn on the body to accelerate the reduction of edema in the postoperative period."
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Is Compression Garments Use a Must After Abdominoplasty?

after tummy tuckDoctors do not only require the use of compression garments after abdominal surgery, but also particularly recommend the use of a compression garment after every treatment that includes liposuction such as arm stretching, leg stretching, 360 body lift and BBL.

Metin Kerem MD adds: "I care about wearing compression garments after liposuction for three main reasons.

First, surgical compression garments accelerate the resolution of edema with mechanical pressure and control the amount of edema that occurs.

They also reduce the amount of bruising and help recover loose skin.”

Should You Wear Compression garments or a Sports Bra After Breast Augmentation?

medical braPlastic Surgeon Burak Alhan MD points out the importance of using a bra after breast operations: “The bra must be of a certain tightness so that the breast does not deform in the early period.
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Especially in the first month, the use of a medical bra is important in this regard. Afterwards, any bra you choose in the right size and cup will benefit you during the recovery period.”

Is Compression garment Use Mandatory After Surgery?

surgeryBurak Alhan's explanations about the use of compression garments after surgery are as follows: "If you want to see the results you will get after plastic surgery faster, the use of post-operative compression garments is really important.

I'm sure my colleagues will agree with me, as there is no downside to wearing properly fitted compression garments, and serves to aid the healing process.

The compression created by the compression garments helps to reduce swelling, edema, and bruising and gives a smoother contour. It also has lymphatic massage features as it moves with the pressure they make on certain points.

We recommend it to be worn, especially after tummy tuck surgery, to reduce edema and prevent seroma formation by forcing the skin layers to adhere and combine.

It also helps support the abdominal wall muscles. Also, the feedback I get from my patients is that most of them like the extra support that compression garments provide and they feel safe.”

How Tight Should be a Compression Garment After Surgery?

garmentMetin Kerem MD: “After surgery compression garments are worn for firmness, not comfort. The compression garments should be tight enough to give a sense of support and security, and loose enough not to disrupt the lymphatic circulation.

Your doctor will determine the right size and you will wake up in compression garments from the surgery. What you should pay attention to at home is that there is no fold on the compression garments.

The folds prevent the homogeneous distribution of the compression garments compression and may even cause local depressions.”

Written on 30/12/2020


Last Update: 22/06/2022

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