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Emina Jahovic; Addicted To Plastic Surgery

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Written by Bahar Ozbal.

Emina Jahovic; Addicted To Plastic Surgery

Emina is charming with her perfect body proportion. Although it is noticeable that she is a reborn star with cosmetic surgeries, from top to toe she looks gorgeous.

Emina Jahović, is a Serbian model, actress and singer-songwriter, mother of 2 sons, sister of Mirsad Turkcan's sister and Mustafa Sandal's ex-wife.

This the shortest way to rescribe her past but not whole... Emina Jahović has undergone several surgeries over the years to maintain her model look – but has she taken the obsession too far?

By looking to Emina Jahović before and after photos, we can easily say that including rhinoplasty she has taken lots of cosmetic procedures to enhance and alter her appearance.

Emina Jahović Rhinoplasty

emina jahovic rhinoplastyEmina never denied that she had rhinoplasty. In one of her interview she told that she broke her nose when she was 14 and waited until 21 to been operated. 

But this first rhinoplasty was not the last one. Through the years she had 5 more operations for her nose job.

Emina Jahović Buccal Fat Pad Removal Surgery

wmina jahovic faceEmina may have had buccal fat removed from her cheeks, creating a more sculpted look to her face. She has never confirmed or admitted having this cosmetic procedure, but by looking through her facial features change by years, it looks like she has buccal fat pad removal surgery.

By removing fatty tissue from the cheek area; Emina's face looks thinner then it was before, her cheekbones are highlighted and she has a stronger jawline.

Emina Jahović Lip Fillers

emina jahovic lip fillerOne of the most famous celebrities with lip fillers is Emina Jahovic. She has not accepted the claims yet but that has not stopped the speculations.

Looking back to her younger photos it is true that she had always full lips but the size and shape is not as same as today.

Her present look can be a result of good makeup techniques or even some subtle lip fillers.

Emina Jahović Almond Eye Surgery and Eyebrow Design

emina jahovic changeThe form of Emina Jahović eyes and eyebrow has changed by years. Her eyes looks more fresh and young then it was before.

She might have taken "Almond eye surgery" which is performed to correct the tired, sad, and withdrawn appearance. Instead of her thin and irregular eyebrows, forsure the new design of her eyebrows are much more better.

Who is Emina Jahović?

who is emina jahovicEmina Jahović, was born on January 1st, 1982 in Novi Pazar, Serbia into a well-off family. Looking back to her past full of success it is not a surprise where she is today...

She used to play basketball just like her her elder brother, Mirsad Turkcan, who is the first Turkish basketball player to play in the NBA.

But after that she realized that singing is her real passion she stop playing basketball and followed her dreams.

She participated in several performances in high school where she has talent in theater roles that requires singing.  This passion drew her career.

Written on 29/06/2018


Last Update: 17/06/2022

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