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Does Glutathione Therapy Act as a Shield Against Viruses?

Glutathione Therapy

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Sevgi Ekiyor, MD

Does Glutathione Therapy Act as a Shield Against Viruses?

The COVID-19 epidemic, which started and continues in the last months of 2019, still continues to shake the whole world.

Many measures taken by governments and efforts to strengthen people's immune systems, vaccines under development for Covid-19 will hopefully enable us to contain this deadly virus very soon.

It is observed that people with chronic diseases such as aging, diabetes and hypertension experience more acute respiratory distress.

People who take care of their health and protect their immune system these days can survive Covid 19 with mild or even asymptomatic progression. Glutathione serum and vitamin C are among the most frequently used treatments to increase immunity in this period.

Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor explained the glutathione treatment she applied in her clinic:
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“Before we get to your question, let's first look at what glutathione is. Glutathione is a combination of protein or amino acids such as three simple building blocks, cysteine, glycine, and glutamine, and is produced naturally in the body.

Glutathione is actually called the main antioxidant because after any damage done by free radicals, it can regenerate itself in the liver and get back to work.

So what are free radicals? Free radicals, on the other hand, are usually a by-product of normal cellular metabolic oxidation and overloading the body of toxicants.

Numerous studies show that a healthy immune system is…
They can lead to autoimmune diseases, various types of cancer, and even heart attacks. Keeping yourself healthy, improving your performance, preventing disease and aging well all depend on keeping glutathione levels high.

It is crucial for immune function and controlling inflammation. Glutathione is the main detoxifier, that is, the main antioxidant of the body, which protects our cells and ensures that our energy metabolism works well.

Numerous studies show that a healthy immune system is closely related to a balanced glutathione level. I think you can establish the connection between Covid 19 and glutathione even from what I have said so far, but let's continue….

Glutathione Benefits

glutathione benefitsAs I said, glutathione is one of the building blocks of the immune system. Eating, exercising, and even breathing all cause free radicals to form.

These unstable molecules attack your body at the cellular level, stealing other electron molecules and starting a chain reaction. This affects your overall health and wellness, as well as how quickly you age.

Like most antioxidants, glutathione works by providing unpaired free radical molecules with an extra electron, returning them to a benign state.
With the help of hormones like the sleep antioxidant hormone melatonin, glutathione recharges and replenishes and can regain its antioxidant status to fight another day.

It's friendly, it's the body's mechanic, it can repair free radical damage on the spot.

The immune system cannot function without glutathione. Glutathione helps boost your immune system.

It increases the number of T cell lymphocytes, that is, white blood cells, which are at the forefront of the immune system, and ensures its proper functioning.

So Can I Use Immune System Fighter Glutathione During the Covid 19 Epidemic?

glutathiıone during the covid 19Yes, I can definitely use it. I prefer to do intravenous glutathione, that is, intravenous glutathione therapy, together with high-dose vitamin C injection.

Excessive alcohol consumption, oxidative stress, high blood sugar, obesity and aging are what reduce glutathione in the body. Glutathione deficiency symptoms appear as immune problems, cardiovascular diseases, vision problems, arthritis and skin aging.

In fact, according to a study conducted in 2018, it was understood that individuals with low glutathione levels have high insulin resistance.

So what does this mean? This can also lead to the development of type 2 diabetes. Glutathione therapy may be a logical solution to balance insulin resistance.

Benefit From The Protection Shield Of Glutathione

shield of glutathionerThose who have all these chronic diseases, especially during the Covid 19 period, can benefit from glutathione serum application as a supplementary treatment, as well as those who do not have any ailments but want to have a strong body and benefit from the protection shield of glutathione.

If we look at the session intervals of glutathione therapy, the amount and intervals of sessions are determined according to the diagnosis of the patient. I determine the session intervals on a weekly basis. These sessions can last up to 4.6 or even 12 weeks.

Glutathione injection prices will also be adjusted in this way for you. The amount of vitamin C can also be determined according to the age of the person and the ailments he has.

The best glutathione is taken orally in my opinion. It is the one that is given directly through the vein, because it mixes with the blood immediately and shows its effect.”

Written on 16/11/2020


Last Update: 22/06/2022

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