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Does PRP For Hair Loss Treatment Work?


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Emphair Hair Transplant

Does PRP For Hair Loss Treatment Work?

Hair loss is an important aesthetic problem for both men and women, and PRP hair treatment is one of the methods used for hair loss.
We also see that PRP, which is the abbreviation of the word PlateletRichPlasma, is also used in many areas such as wound and skin rejuvenation.
We asked Emphair Hair Transplantation Center questions such as does PRP grow hair, what should be considered after PRP is applied to the hair:
Emphair “With PRP for hair loss treatment , in addition to reducing genetic hair loss, it may be possible to revive lifeless, thin and weak hair, and to find a solution to the problem of dandruff and oily hair.
PRP is a form of treatment that can be used alone or as a supportive treatment before and after hair transplantation.
We can say that people who have PRP for hair loss and different hair problems mostly give positive feedback.
In fact, before going into detail, it would be more accurate to look at what exactly PRP is and to focus on the question of what PRP hair treatment is.

Hair Loss Treatment with PRP

hair loss with prpPRP is the separation of the blood taken from the person's body from the plasma with a special process and giving it back to the places needed by injection.
This plasma is very effective in wound healing thanks to its growth factor and protein-rich content. A daily amount of hair loss in women and men is considered normal.
However, hair loss with more than 100-150 hair loss should be taken seriously and treated.
In addition to its other benefits, PRP has very successful results especially in hair loss. For those who have hair loss problem, PRP treatment without side effects and without the use of foreign substances and drugs is a priority choice.
Hair PRP gives very positive results, especially in genetic shedding. In addition to PRP, hair mesotherapy is also beneficial in hair loss.
The benefits and treatment areas of PRP hair treatment, which is quite frequently preferred today, can be summarized as preventing hair loss, repairing weak hair and getting dense hair, giving flexibility and lightness to the scalp.

Does PRP for Hair loss Treatment Hurt?

prpIt is also among the most frequently asked questions. Hair loss treatment with PRP takes about 30 minutes and is not painful.
After PRP, there is no scar on the scalp and the person can continue his routine life instantly. Although the treatment of hair loss with PRP varies from person to person, it can take about 3-4 months.
PRP sessions can be applied to the scalp at intervals of 15 days.
If we look at the details of the hair PRP treatment. Before the PRP treatment for hair, approximately 10 cc of venous blood is taken.
The collected blood is separated into white and red blood cells in the centrifuge. White blood cells, platelets, namely platelets, are filled with PGF (Platelet growth factor) and are the necessary blood type for PRP.
This plasma is then injected into the scalp. After the PRP treatment, the regeneration of the scalp tissue begins immediately. Weakened hair follicles are repaired and then strong hair production begins.

PRP Treatment in Hair Transplantation Process

prpPRP for hair loss treatment can also be used before and after hair transplantation. The newly planted hair follicles with PRP adapt to the scalp in a short time and the weakened hair follicles are revived. With this effect, PRP supports hair transplantation.
After hair transplantation, PRP nourishes and strengthens hair follicles and accelerates wound healing.
It can reduce hair loss, which is considered normal after hair transplantation, by 5% and allows new hair to grow stronger. PRP hair treatment can be started approximately 2 weeks after hair transplantation.
If we look at PRP prices, this treatment planning varies according to the frequency of treatment. We would like to give a small warning.
It is recommended that PRP be prepared with SOEs approved by certain organizations and made by experts in this field. Expected results may not be obtained with hair PRP performed by non-experts and inadequate quality equipment.

Written on 18/12/2020


Last Update: 12/09/2022

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