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Coming to Turkey from Abroad for Hair Transplantation? What Kind Of Process Awaits You?

Hair Transplant

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Gold City Hair Transplant

Coming to Turkey from Abroad for Hair Transplantation? What Kind Of Process Awaits You?

Turkey is among the most developed countries in the world in the health sector. Our country, which also stands out in the field of aesthetics, is one of the world's leading countries in successful hair transplantation procedures.

Foreign patients from many countries of the world visit various cities of our country every day for aesthetic operations and hair transplantation procedures.

We asked Gold City Hair Transplantation Center what kind of process awaits the foreign patient in Turkey:

“Yes, as you said, our country has become a world brand, especially in hair transplantation. Especially Istanbul is the center of many aesthetic operations and hair transplantation procedures both in our country and in the world.

The main reasons that make Istanbul so important and preferable are the successful aesthetic operations that provide satisfactory results and the best fully equipped, luxury hair transplant centers that offer hotel comfort.
Gold City whatsappIn addition to these, there are many other reasons why a person who prefers Turkey in the field of health should come to Istanbul in particular.

For example; The rich historical and cultural texture, natural beauties and delicious local cuisines in the city attract many people.

While foreign patients can have the procedure they desire, at world-class luxury centers in Istanbul, for much more reasonable prices than in their own countries, they can also experience the beauties of the city.

Gold City Hair Transplantation Center, located in Istanbul, is a group A Travel Agency of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and an International Health Tourism Intermediary Institution of the Ministry of Health.

It provides professional welcome and accommodation services to people from many countries of the world, while helping them achieve the hair they dream of in contracted centers in Istanbul.

Airport transfers, accommodation in a 4-star hotel and hair transplantation in a fully equipped hospital are included in the package offered by Gold City Hair Transplantation Center.

What Awaits You When You Come To Turkey For a Hair Transplant?

hair transplant in TurkeyWhen you come to Turkey for hair transplantation through Gold City Hair Transplantation Center, all you have to do is to buy your plane ticket and plan your city tours.

We prepare everything else for you. This process works step by step as follows:

1st Day

first dayGold City Hair Transplantation Center welcomes you at the airport and transfers you to your 4-star luxury hotel with your private vehicle.

After leaving your belongings at the hotel on the first day, you can wander around the city as you wish.

Your transaction will take place the next day.

2nd Day

second day In the morning, you will go to the hospital where your procedure will be performed. Here, your blood test is performed and the results are examined. Your hair analysis is done and preparations for the hair transplant process begin.

During the hair analysis, your hair structure is looked at and the most suitable hairstyle for your face shape is decided.

This process is of great importance because where the hairline will start and how dense the hair transplant should be is determined here.

The goal after hair transplantation is to have fuller hair with a natural appearance. After the hair analysis, the area to be transplanted, the donor area and the locations of the hairline are determined.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that takes 6-8 hours and local anesthesia is applied to the area during the procedure.

After the procedure is completed, the sleeping position, which is the most important detail for the first night, is explained.

Gold City Hair Transplantation Center provides you with a special pillow for this semi-standing sleeping position. Necessary medicines are given and you will go to the hotel.

3th Day

3th dayThe third day exactly corresponds to the day after the hair transplant operation. Therefore, on the third day, patients should rest and use the drugs given to them.

They should definitely devote this time to rest. Because if they do an activity that will tire them out the day after the procedure, swelling may occur in the planting areas and on their faces.

Therefore, we recommend them to walk after the first wash.

4th Day

4th day after hair transplantThe results of your hair transplant procedure are evaluated. Your first wash after the procedure is very important. This procedure, which should be done gently, is performed in the hospital.

Necessary hair care products are applied to your hair. You are informed about how to wash your hair and you are asked to wash your hair with the same sensitivity in the following days.

There is no harm in flying on the fourth day after hair transplantation. After the procedures, your airport transfer is made by the private vehicle of our center.

When Can You Go Back to Work After Hair Transplant?

back to work after hari transplantThanks to today's advanced technologies, the process after hair transplantation is much more comfortable and easier.

If you do not work in a job that requires intense physical activity after hair transplantation, you can start work in a few days.

If you are someone who works in jobs where physical activities are intense, you should start by waiting at least two weeks. Before that starting work may cause damage to the newly planted roots.

When Can You Start Physical Activities After Hair Transplantation?

sports after hair transplantThe process after hair transplantation directly affects the success of your hair transplantation. Therefore, you need to be very careful in this process.

In order not to damage the newly planted roots, you should postpone physical activities until the crusting process is completed.

After the crusting process, which is completed in approximately 7-14 days, you can start light-paced walks. For more advanced training, you should wait between 1-3 months.

Is Alcohol and Cigarette Consumption Possible After Hair Transplantation?

alcohol and cigarette after hair transplantSince smoking restricts the amount of oxygen in the body, it negatively affects your healing process. For this reason, it is recommended to quit smoking before hair transplantation. If you can't quit, you need to reduce it.

After hair transplantation, you will be prescribed some medications to prevent possible infections and prevent pain.

During this time, you should not consume alcohol because the interaction of drugs with alcohol can harm your body and reduce the effect of the drug.

When Can You Have Sex After Hair Transplantation?

sex after hair transplantIt is important that you wait at least two weeks for sex, as you should take a break from all physical activities.

Since the blood pressure will increase during sexual intercourse, there is a possibility of damage to the grafts.

It is very important to complete the crusting process in order to keep the planted roots healthy.

When Can You Board After Hair Transplant?

board after hair transplantThere is no harm in getting on the plane on the fourth day after the hair transplant.

Therefore, if you wish, you can plan your return for the fourth day and return to your country. Or you can get to know the city a little better and tour it.

Written on 19/07/2022


Last Update: 19/07/2022

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