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Written by Ece Yalcin.

Celebrities Who Changed With Rhinoplasty

In the world of celebrities, if we are not talking about Barbra Streisand, rhinoplasty is a bit of a necessity. If you're constantly in the spotlight or front of the camera, you need to look good.

If your nose is preventing this, you will find a good surgeon and ask him to create the most wonderful shape of your nose. Here are some of the celebrities who have done just that:

1. Ido Tatlıses (Ibrahim Tatli)

İdo Tatlıses before and after rhinoplasty Ido, the son of the famous singer Ibrahim Tatlıses and Derya Tuna, recently got married. He is one of the young celebrities who talk a lot with his ido look. It would not be wrong to say that rhinoplasty has taken the biggest share in the change he has experienced over the years.

The singer's eyebrows and cheeks were thinned, and the arched nose of the singer, as she said, was corrected by "retouching" and her mood changed completely. The latest image of Ido, which resembles Hollywood stars in its new form, is highly appreciated.

2. Irem Derici

irem derici rhinoplasty before and after The singer, who does not hide her aesthetic operations from anyone, has had three nose surgeries. Derici, who is stated to have deliberately broken her nose to have rhinoplasty when he was young, had her first nose surgery when she was 16 years old.

In an interview she gave in 2018, the celebrity mentioned that he spent 30 thousand TL for nose aesthetics and also had her breasts and teeth done. Can't count Botox applications...

3. Deniz Akkaya

Deniz Akkaya before and after rhinoplasty Deniz Akkaya from the world of fashion and television is one of the celebrities who has completely changed with rhinoplasty. The state of the model before she got her nose done surprises those who see it.

It can be said that the nose surgery performed by someone who is in front of so many cameras is a very appropriate move.

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4. Kerimcan Durmaz

Kerimcan Durmaz before and after rhinoplasty Social media phenomenon Kerimcan Durmaz became famous with his makeup videos. The make-up artist, who has a large fan base thanks to the videos he posted on his YouTube channel, is also one of the well-known people who got his nose done.

Durmaz, who got very angry when his pre-anesthetic photos were spread on the internet, has an arched nose before the operation.

5. Didem Soydan

Didem Soydan before and after rhinoplasty 37-year-old model Didem Soydan is one of the celebrities who has a large and arched nose from birth. There are reports that the model, who had her nose done by a very famous surgeon about 6 years ago, chose this to take a role in TV production.

It is stated that Soydan also liked the aesthetic form of herself, but decided to have plastic surgery to look better in front of the camera.

6. Alper Potuk

Alper Potuk A famous name from the football community is among those who have his nose done. The original nose of the former Fenerbahce midfielder, who currently plays in Rizespor, was in a structure that prevented him from breathing.

That's why he states that the rhinoplasty he got done is for health reasons, but everyone agrees that it has changed his appearance positively.

7. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Aniston, who has a large fan base with her perfect physique and voluminous, shiny hair, had her nose done years ago, but according to her, the only reason for this was to breathe easily.

During this procedure, known as functional rhinoplasty, surgeons often perform aesthetic interventions on their patients' noses.

Jennifer Aniston's nose was treated exactly like this. It can be said that her straightened nose looks pretty good on her face.

8. Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray rhinoplasty before and after Jennifer Gray, famous for the movie Dirty Dancing, is one of the rare people who are negatively affected by the flawless appearance created by rhinoplasty.

The 'Baby Houseman' character, who is in love with millions of people with his extremely natural and flawless appearance, is not satisfied with the results of the nose surgery.

Approaching the subject with humorous language, the actress explains her situation by saying that "I went into the operating room as a famous person and came out as an ordinary person", "it was like taking part in a witness protection program or being invisible".

9. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke There are several aesthetic procedures on the body of the actor, which is proof that plastic surgery is not just for women. Rhinoplasty is one of them. It could be all five.

Rourke, who has had a total of five nose surgeries, two of which were for fracture correction, is one of the men who love aesthetics.

10. Blake Lively

Blake Lively Gossip Girl's iconic Serena is one of the celebrities who denied she had a rhinoplasty. The difference between her old and new photos is an intervention, but the famous actress does not admit it.

11. Tyra Banks

tyra banks Former Victoria's Secret angel Tyra Banks states that the bones in her nose prevent her from breathing and that's why she had surgery.

However, she also admits that he changed the shape of her nose during the surgery. According to the model, which states that women should not be judged for applying to plastic surgery to look better, everyone should do whatever they want.

12. Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale, one of the High School Musical actresses, is also one of those who underwent nose surgery for health reasons, just like Tyra Banks.

Despite this statement, the actress, who said that she would not have her nose done if it was just for aesthetics, added aesthetic touches to the surgery she had for health.

Written on 11/10/2021


Last Update: 17/06/2022

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