Celebrities' Massive Weight Loss Transformations that Shocked Us

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Written by Selin Sezgin.

Celebrities’ Massive Weight Loss Transformations that Shocked Us

We have examined the transformations of world-famous names from different professions and ages who have achieved success and fame in their fields for you.

There are many celebrities who choose a healthy lifestyle with both sleeve gastrectomy surgery and strict diet and sports programs.

With the significant amount of weight they lose, they both change their own lives in a positive way and be an example for many.

Let's take a look at these celebrities who have changed a lot by losing weight.

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1- Mo'Nique ~ 80 Pounds

monique weight loss
54-year-old Oscar-winning American actress and comedian Mo'Nique lost 80 pounds.

2- Melissa Joan Hart ~ 60 Pounds

melissa joan hart loose weight
45-year-old American actress, producer and singer Melissa has lost 60 pounds. Now she continues her acting career with a more fit appearance.

3- Graham Elliot ~ 150 Pounds

graham elliot weight loss
45-year-old American famous chef Graham Eliiot lost 150 pounds and made a big change.

4- Adele ~ More Than 100 Pounds

adele ewight loss
Adele, one of the most listened artists in the world, breaking records with her albums and collecting Grammy awards.

The British singer and songwriter has lost over 100 pounds in the past two years. We congratulate Adele, who said that she made this change both for her son and for her own health.

5- Gordon Ramsay ~ 50 Pounds

gordon ramsey weight loss
Scottish TV host Gordon Ramsay is a successful chef with 16 Michelin stars.

Gordon managed to lose 50 pounds, proving to everyone that they can be in the kitchen and be fit at the same time.

6- Missy Elliott ~ 30 Pounds

missy eliiot weight loss
50-year-old American rap music artist Missy Elliot managed to lose 30 pounds.

7- Jonah Hill ~ 30 Pounds

jonah hill weight loss
38-year-old Californian actor Jonah Hill became famous, thanks to his excellent acting performance in comedy movies.

Jonah, who has always been an overweight actor since we first met him, lost 30 pounds and gained a more fit appearance.

8- Christina Aguilera ~ 20 Pounds

xtina weight loss
Christina Aguilera, who made herself loved by the whole world with her strong and unique voice, made albums that marked the 2000s.

Fascinating with her beautiful and bold stage costumes, Xtina surprised those who saw her by gaining weight rapidly for a period of time.

Christina Aguilera, who is currently a member of the jury on The Voice, managed to regain her old appearance by losing about 20 pounds.

9- Kelly Osbourne ~ 85 Pounds

kelly osbourne weight loss
Ozzy Osbourne's daughter, 37-year-old British celebrity Kelly, lost 85 pounds and went through a big change.

10- Chris Pratt ~ 60 Pounds

chris pratt weight loss
The 42-year-old American actor has a huge fan base thanks to his movies where he plays the handsome lead.

Chris Pratt, whom we know from movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Park, lost 60 pounds and went through a great change.

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Written on 18/01/2022


Last Update: 01/07/2022

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