Can Long Hair Transplantation Be Done?

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Emphair Hair Transplant

Can Long Hair Transplantation Be Done?

Long hair transplantation technique is unshaven hair transplantation, and is one of the most popular techniques of recent years.

As you can appreciate, hair transplantation procedures have become very practical today thanks to the advantages of advanced technology.

Many people, who used to be afraid of having a hair transplant due to difficult processes, now make a much more comfortable decision thanks to new techniques.

In parallel with the satisfaction rates, the number of people who have hair transplant increases every day. Hair transplantation techniques are developing in line with these numbers.

One of the latest of these techniques is long hair transplantation. Thanks to the procedure, which eliminates the need for shaving, patients can immediately have new, long hair follicles without shortening their hair.

We learned the details of the subject from Emphair Hair Transplantation Center, which carries out long hair transplantation procedures with great care:

What is the Difference Between Long Hair Transplantation?

long hair transplantIn standard hair transplantation techniques FUE and DHI, the hair is shaved to a certain length. After shaving, the required number of grafts are collected from the donor area.

After the roots inside the grafts are separated meticulously, they are placed one by one in the predetermined planting area.

Although the stages in the long hair transplant technique are generally the same, this technique has an attractive aspect for many patients. Shaving is not required for hair transplantation.

Unlike long hair transplantation, hair grafts are collected from the donor area. Extraction of hairy roots is carried out with great care. The process takes more time as it is quite detailed.

When the long hair transplantation process is completed, it is not noticed that a surgical procedure has been performed, since the scars remain under the hair.

Who Prefers Long Hair Transplant Technique?

long hair transplant techniqueThere is a time advantage because the long hair transplant technique creates a kind of shortcut to the hair transplant results.

It is the method preferred by those who want to have hair transplantation, who do not want to change their visual state. Daily life can be resumed immediately after the operation.

It is a method mostly preferred by people from the world of cinema and show business. It is a very suitable technique for people who are on stage and in front of the camera because there is no change in the person's visual at the end of the process.

Many people have started to prefer this technique because it is a process that is done without the need to shave the hair.

Does Hair Lose After Long Hair Transplant Technique?

hair lossThe only difference in the long hair transplant technique is that the razor is not used during the procedure. Other than that, the steps are the same as the classical process.

In other words, from the 4th week after hair transplantation, there will be shedding in the newly transplanted hair. It will start to come out from the 3rd month.

When the shed hair grows back, it will be permanent.

What are the Advantages of Long Hair Transplantation?

uzun saçIn the long hair transplant process:

  • Small scars formed during hair transplantation are not noticed because they remain under long hair.

  • Hair is not shaved for the procedure. This issue is an important advantage for both women and people who do not want to have their hair cut and want to change their image.

What are the Disadvantages of Long Hair Transplantation?

disadvantagesLong hair transplantation progresses more slowly than conventional hair transplantation. The reason for this is that processing the hairy roots requires more meticulousness.

Therefore, the processing time is slightly longer. The financial cost of the transaction increases over time.

The number of grafts collected in long hair transplantation is very low compared to other techniques. In addition, the processing of hairy roots is more difficult.

Therefore, if the procedure is not performed in a good clinic, it may not give as successful results as other techniques.”

Written on 07/06/2022


Last Update: 07/06/2022

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