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Breast Reduction is Necessary for Both Beauty and Health...

Breast Reduction

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Caghan Baytekin, MD

Breast Reduction is Necessary for Both Beauty and Health…

Our body grows to a certain size within a certain age range and then stops. However, this developmental story is different for breasts. Your breasts can change in size and shape throughout your life.
From family history to weight gain or loss; from the number of births to the duration of breastfeeding; from the menstrual cycle to birth control methods; from daily exercises to bodybuilding workouts; Important milestones in a woman's life, such as age and menopause, affect the size of the breasts.
Breasts are expected to be of ideal size compatible with body mass index and body proportion. Otherwise, it creates problems in terms of both general health and mental health of the person.
It is at this point that "breast reduction surgeries" begin to come to the fore. Emphasizing the necessity of breast reduction surgeries for health as well as visuality, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Caghan Baytekin MD tells the physiological and psychological effects of having large breasts.
Caghan Baytekin MD
“Aesthetics is a holistic concept. With the establishment of a certain ratio and proportionality equation, different criteria are planned for each person. The same equation applies to breasts.

Whether a breast is the ideal size or not is evaluated depending on the person's body proportion and body mass index. The ideal size of the breasts is very important in terms of both health and appearance.

Extremely Large Breasts Are Harmful To Health!

big breastUnderlining that the ideal breast size is one of the most important breast aesthetic applications and one of the most necessary due to its health content, Caghan Baytekin MD also reminded the importance of knowing the long-term consequences of large breasts that put a heavy burden on the person and not looking at the problem as an aesthetic concern.
Having large breasts is a priority; causes complaints of back, neck and shoulder pain. These pains can have consequences that will cause deterioration of the person's posture over time.
Problems such as posture disorder, humpback, and bone curvature may also be accompanied by restriction of movements. Another problem that women with large breasts frequently encounter is skin diseases such as diaper rash and fungus that occur under the breasts.
In addition, it is among the shared statistics that the rate of breast cysts and breast cancer is higher in women with large breasts, whether there is a predisposition in their family history or not.
The biggest factor that this is possible is in large breasts; This is due to the fact that it is much more difficult to detect any tissue deterioration in the early stage, to notice a lump, than with small breasts. 

Big Tits Are Not Destiny!

breast reductionBig breasts with the onset of puberty, the breasts enter the growth process from the age of 13-14 on average. This process continues until the 20s. This is the period in which the size of the breasts is determined.
In the later stages, weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and many other factors are associated with the shape change of the breast.
For this reason, breast reduction surgery can be planned for people aged 20 and over who have psychological, physical and health problems. Dr. Caghan Baytekin adds that everyone who is scheduled for breast surgery should be screened for any breast disease before the operation.
Breast reduction surgeries; While saving the body from the health problems caused by the size of the breast and the weight caused by the breast, it also ensures that the person has beautiful and natural-looking breasts in the appropriate size for the body proportion.
While this increases the quality of life of the person, it also has a positive effect on his psychology.

Written on 09/11/2021


Last Update: 18/08/2022

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