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Benefits of Answering Patient Questions at Newlyme

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Benefits of Answering Patient Questions at Newlyme

Do you know that patients ask 7-10 questions for total treatments in Newlyme?
We would like to inform you about the treatment you have applied and the contribution of your response to these patient questions that you receive in your e-mail to your visibility of your Newlyme profile.

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By taking a few minutes to answer the questions coming to Newlyme, which hosts 10k aesthetic users a month, you can start to establish relationships with patients and establish trust.
It is also important to answer questions about post-treatment processes from time to time.

With the continuous presence of questions and answers on the site, it is ensured that people who will have similar treatment later receive these questions and answers after Google searches.

Thus, the potential patient who thinks that he / she will have similar experiences, sees and gets to know you here with your response and approach to the patient.

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How Does The Patients Question Answering Process Take Place?

googleWe would like to explain and explain this process further by giving examples from our most responsive doctors:
There is a very good definition for this type of process that is successful in English: "best practices".

An example that we can describe exactly like this happens in Newlyme as follows:
Our patient, who wants to have under-eye light filling, asks his or her question to Newlyme specialists on April 8, 2020:

"Which brand is best for light filler?"
 The following answer comes from Suleyman Tas MD:
“Hello, the filler used for under-eye should be thin structured. We use Juwaderm in our clinic. You can contact us for under-eye treatment. We wish you healthy days"
You can also click on the page where the question is answered to examine it in detail .
Another patient who wants to have under eye light filler after 1 year reaches the page of this question in Newlyme as a result of a search on Google and reads the question and the answers.

This patient, who wants to have under-eye light filer directly answered the request to Dr. Tas, through Newlyme,

Let's examine another example:

patiens and doctorsOur patient, who is thinking of Limb lengthening surgery recently, asks his question from our website:
"My height is 1.70 and I want it to be 5-6 cm longer. As far as I researched, they do not recommend this procedure for aesthetic purposes very much, I wonder your opinion."
Dr. Halil Ibrahim Balci answers the patient question in a realistic and sincere way:
“Mr. Suat, your height is actually fine. It is a difficult process, I cannot recommend it much, but if you want, Istanbul Medical Faculty Orthopedics clinic has an ilizarov polyclinic on Wednesdays.

You can come and see patients who have undergone this type of surgery in a real environment.”

Our patient gives the answer expressing his satisfaction to this answer of our doctor:
“Thank you very much for your sincere answer, sir, I was indecisive, so I decided, good work.
While leaving these two beautiful and successful examples aside for now, we can focus a little on what doctors or clinics can pay attention to when answering questions in the virtual environment: 

1. Your Answers Rather Than Recommendations Can Be Given With Examples

given examplesWhile answering the patient question, it will be useful to tell the patient about previous similar experiences: "In similar situations that I dealt with..."

2. It is Good To Be Educator

good to be educatorHelping a potential patient to inform and show them that you care will help you build trust before a face-to-face meeting.

3. It Makes Sense To Answer Questions Based on Popularity

questions based on popularıtyIf you're new to answering questions in the system, it might make more sense to start with popular questions. The most common answers in searches will make your profile visible faster.

4. Avoid Automatic and Ready Answers

automatic and ready answersIt is much more interactive to answer the questions in detail instead of ready answers that are sent to the clinic or sent to the clinic.
When you answer the patient question in Newlyme as mentioned above, your first communication with the patient begins in a healthy way.

In general, being one of the first to answer questions is also effective in terms of staying in the patient's mind.
You can also click to view the questions you got and start answering.

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Written on 18/03/2021


Last Update: 04/07/2022

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