Are Beard Transplantation Results Permanent? Will It Look Natural?

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Gold City Hair Transplant

Are Beard Transplantation Results Permanent? Will It Look Natural?

The rise of beard fashion in recent years is a situation that attracts the attention of both men and women.

It is possible to encounter men with beards while walking on the road, at work, at the gym, in short, in every part of our daily life.
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When celebrities from the world of cinema and show business were added to those who followed this trend, the popularity of the beard increased.

The only thing people with congenitally bushy beards need to do to follow fashion is to stop shaving.

However, there is a solution for those whose beards do not grow thick due to genetic reasons, hormones or various health problems.

Thanks to talented surgeons and the age of technology we live in, it is possible to have fuller beards with successful beard transplantation procedures.

We asked Gold City Hair experts about the details of beard transplantation, the process of which is similar to hair transplantation.
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They gave us answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can find important details about beard transplantation in the continuation of the article.

How Similar Is The Beard Transplantation Process To The Hair Transplantation Process?

beard transplantation“Beard transplantation is an application that has been in great demand in recent years due to the interest in bushy beards.

We can say that this application follows the stages of hair transplantation in almost all aspects.

We place the grafts that we collect from the area where the hair is the busiest, into the gaps we have opened in the beards, in the process we mainly do with the FUE technique.

Depending on the transplant area, the procedure may take up to 8 hours, as in hair transplants. Our patients are awake during the procedure. We only numb the donor area and the areas where we plant.”

“After the beard transplantation is completed, the newly planted areas should not be damaged. For this reason, we ask our patients to protect their faces well and to do their daily care carefully.

In the first days following the procedure, they should avoid activities that will cause sweating and dusty areas, and protect their faces from friction.

After the crusting in the transferred areas is completed, we can consider that the new roots have taken hold. Crusting takes place on the 10th day like in the hair and it falls off.

After that comes the shock shedding phase. Shock shedding is the shedding of newly planted roots, just like in the hair transplant process.

New hair follicles start to grow again in the process following shedding, and this time the beards that grow out do not fall out anymore.”

Are Beard Transplantation Results Permanent?

bread transplant before and after“The results of beard transplantation are permanent, but there are several factors that determine the permanence of the procedure. One of them and the most important is a successful planting process.

For this reason, the center chosen for beard transplantation is of great importance. How healthy the process after beard transplantation is also affects the permanence of the procedure results.”

“If our patients do their beard care after the procedure as we have told them, it will contribute to the more permanent of the newly planted roots.

If we can see bushy and healthy beards in the planting area starting from the 8th month following the beard transplantation process, we can consider the operation successful.

On the contrary, if our patients do not listen to our recommendations or prefer inexperienced centers for beard transplantation, problems that are difficult to return may arise.

These problems can jeopardize the success of the entire procedure and sometimes lead to permanent damage. For example, the roots in the newly planted areas can be shed so that they do not grow again.”

Do Beard Transplant Results Look Natural?

look natural bread tranplant“Beard transplantation can also be done on the sideburns besides the cheeks and chin. In these areas, the existing gaps can be filled or the area can be completely planted.

For the area to be transplanted, the densest hairy parts of the scalp are usually chosen as the donor area. Hair follicles and beard roots are not in the same structure and tone.

However, after the transplanted roots grow and begin to be shaved, they begin to approach the beard hardness. The tonal difference is not so obvious that it can be seen with the naked eye.”

“Beard transplantation is a procedure with a high percentage of satisfaction in general. After a successfully completed beard transplant, a man gets his permanent beard in 7-8 months.

These beards are bushy and voluminous. It provides the patient with the desired appearance. The fact that the patients are satisfied with the results of the procedure is proof that the results of beard transplantation look natural.”

Written on 16/03/2022


Last Update: 25/06/2022

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