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"After Age 50 I Want More Me and Less Fillers"

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Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Newlyme Special Interview: Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera  

Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera is a multi-award winning, world renowned, cosmetic dermatologist, dermatologic surgeon, cosmetic laser expert, and is board certified with a fellowship in dermatology from the American College of Osteopathic Dermatology.

Dr. Aguilera is a top requested international physician trainer and keynote speaker for Cynosure lasers, Allergan, Galderma, MERZ, Evolus, Solta, BTL, Dermira, SkinCeuticals, and Loreal.

Dr.Shino, It is a pleasure to communicate with you. Here are the 3 short questions:
Dr. Shino

1- You have got a perfect skin! What is your personal skincare routine like?

Hello Emel. I use my Pore war cleanser ( Shino Bay brand) in the morning to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin in the morning.  I use Skinceutials  CE ferrulic serum and Defense serum follow by Defenage moisturizer.  Apply Alastin tinted sunblock moisturizer.

 At night I use a more gentle cleaner like white meadow ( Shino bay line) and I used the same routine with Defenage products but I add Tretinoin acid 0.50% 

2- Men and women are now opting for different kinds of injections in an effort to turn back time and reverse telltale signs of ageing. In which ages what injectables do you favor and why? 

Shino Bay Agulera

Aging is architectural changes, so in order to age better one needs to be ahead of the changes.  

  • When patients are around age 40, they start to look tired because of lack of volume from the deep fat compartments.  HA fillers can be use to help alleviate this.  
  • After age 50 and beyond people start to change on the bone from bone loss bone remodeling. I recommend Sculptra Aesthetics (Poly-L-latic acid) because it really help imitate and maintain the architecture of the bone.  Patients who do this age slower and look years younger.  This product is a biocollagen stimulator so the patient gets younger with his/her  own tissue.  

This is my motto :  "After age 50 I want more me and less fillers".  


3- You are top requested speakers for non-invasive Cosmetic Dermatology, lecturing internationally at the world’s biggest conferences and gatherings of Aesthetics Masters. Also you are a well-known educator and curiously watched in Turkey. Please say some tips to Turkish people for reduce premature skin aging and may be you can recommend us some skin care brand

Understanding that aging has to do with architectural changes of the face is very important especially at every decade.  If you are really serious about staying young you got to align your mind, your body and your spirit.  

  • Start with your mind and soul.  Be mindful about what type of thoughts you have in your mind.  
  • Avoid being resentful and fearful.  Let go of anything and anyone that do not serve you or deserve you.  
  • Respect your body by exercising  and eating healthy.  Exercising keeps your telomeres longer for a longer period of time.  When telomeres shorten your cells age and you age.  
  • Practice intermittent fasting at least Monday through Friday.  

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting:  Keeps telomeres longer, Autophagy ( younger cells eat your older cells, Insulin finally can go to base line and this causes your body to secret growth hormone.  There are much more benefits.  I eat for 8 hours and don't eat for 16.  

Age 25-35: In terms of dermatological procedures age 25-35 work on your skin with energy base devices or microneedling to help the elasticity of the skin and introduce tretinoin cream at night time ( retinol is ok as well). 

Age 40-45: Age 40-45 make sure that fillers are used to help maintain the architecture of the deep fat compartment and help the patient not to look tired, deflated,  and dropped.   

Age 50: Age 50 and beyond start using a product like Sculptra to help the architecture of the bone or at least use less hyaluronic acid fillers to imitate everything that is changing on an aging face.  There is a time when a surgical intervention is needed to keep one look natural without exaggerations from injectable fillers.  

My favorite skincare line is from skinceuticals

Written on 08/12/2020


Last Update: 07/04/2022

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